Top Most Fixing Scandals In Sports History

Top Most Fixing Scandals In Sports History

The world has now become a sport-loving world. There are a lot of sports which are played internationally, like cricket, football, tennis and many more. There are always a lot of international events in these sports, and there is always some special price for winning this kind of event. Players always try to win this kind of tournament. Moreover, some imminent and billionaires bet on the team, which they think is the winner. The bet amount sometimes crosses billions and millions. So, the people who are betting can do anything for winning the bet. They sometimes offer a vast amount of money to the players and referees of the game and tell them to do some unexpected activities while playing so that the team loses and the opponent wins.

Those who are related to this kind of match-fixing are mostly banned. Here we will know about the Topmost fixing scandals in sports history.

 (1) The Black Sox Scandal of 1919

Although this scandal happened about 100 years ago, it is still known as the biggest scandal in the history of sports. This scandal occurred during the time of the 1919 World Series. That World Series was played between 2 expert teams known as The Cincinnati Reds and The Chicago White Sox. The top 8 players of the team Chicago White Sox were charged as they lose the game intentionally against their opponent team “The Cincinnati Rads” by taking a tremendous amount of money from Arnold Rothstein. He was a vibrant person in New York. These 8 players were permanently banned from sports and because of this issue; some rules of this championship were changed.

Black Sox Scandal - YouTube

 (2) The Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Scandal

It is also one of the most recent and known scandals in the world. Nassar, who was known as the general USA Gymnastics Women’s National Team Doctor, has practiced medicine at Michigan State. He has sexually abused about 250 women and likely one man under the condition of “medical treatment” which horrified people around the world. The majority of the victims were minor, and about 150 women fall victim to him during the time of his infamous trial. At last, the USA Gymnast Corporation was alerted about this critical problem, and they took all the necessary steps. He was sent to jail forever. But the life of those girls who fall victim to him was spoiled, which is a matter of regret for all of us.

Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics team doctor, pleads guilty to sexual assault - The Washington Post

Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team doctor, pleads guilty to sexual assault – Source 

(3) Spy gate

Trump Patriots spygate

Source: Trump Patriots Spygate: What is New England Patriots Spygate scandal? (

It is the third massive scandal in the sports world, which was happened in England. Once the New York Jets filled out a complaint to the NFL mentioning that the Patriots were filmed from their defensive coordinator’s signals during a match from an unknown location. This team’s head coach named Bill Bailiwicks’ claims that he had misinterpreted the rules of the NFL commission by taking 500000$. He stripped the team’s first-round draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Somehow, this came to the eyes of NFL Corporation, and then they took the necessary steps to stop this huge scandal.

(4) The Houston Astros Sign Stealing Scandal

Houston Astros Sign Stealing Scandal (PROOF) - YouTube

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This is also on the list of the topmost 10 scandals in the history of the world. This is also one of the most recent scandals in the sports world. This scandal’s main thing came out after a lot of complaints to MBL. MBL investigated a, and a long time they found that the Astros team has used superior technology to steal a sign from their opponent team and it is against the game rules. This match was held between West Germany and Australia. When the audience sitting in the stadium noticed that something weird is happening, they started jeering. This massive scandal has happened in the World Series of 2017 which was held over the Los Angeles Dodgers. After a long time and after MBL’S inquires, this scandal of using technology came out, and the players of the team were banned from sports. This scandal is also known as one of the biggest scandals in sports history.

(5) Deflategate

Sport Science: Deflategate - ESPN Video

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Along with the spy gate, the team New England Patriots were also involved in the biggest scandal which was named Deflategate. This scandal was held in the 2015 AFC cup which was won by Indianapolis Colts. But this match could easily be won by the team New England Patriots. The NFL investigated this topic and finally found something suspicious. After they got something fishy, they keep their investigation running and finally found the team involved in the match-fixing scandal. The players of the team were fine 1 million USD, and they were stripped out of the tournament. They took a vast amount of money from a renowned personality and lost in the game intentionally. This is a very regretful matter that they were involved in a scandal for the second time and got punished. This scandal is also on the list of the top-most fixing scandals in sports history.

(6) Pete Rose Betting Scandal

Pete Rose gambling exposed: Inside the Sports Illustrated investigation - Sports Illustrated

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Betting in sports is a big reason behind these big scandals. However, betting against your team is a little bit weird and disgraceful. But a legendary player Pete Rose bet against his team. He places his bet saying that his team will lose in the game against their opponent team. This is the most infamous scandal in the history of sports, and there is still debate about this topic of why this scandal happened. But this mystery is unsolved till now.

(7) The Hand of God

World Cup stunning moments: Diego Maradona's Hand of God | Diego Maradona | The Guardian

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Can you imagine why this scandal was named Hand of God? There is a mysterious story behind it. The Fifa 1986 quarter-final was played between England and Argentina. The result of the match was 2-1. Argentina won the match, and both of the goals were done by the legend Diego Maradona. But one of the goals was done by Maradona’s hand, and it was allowed by the referee standing thereby. Maradona later said that “The goal was a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God. That’s why the scandal is named The Hand of God.

(8) Lord’s No-Ball Scandal by Pakistan Cricket Team

The big no-ball: A decade after Lord's scandal, match-fixing still haunts Pakistan  cricket

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In, 2010, At Lord’s Test between Pakistan vs. England, Pakistan national cricket team was busted out by a sting operation by British tabloid “News of the World” for giving intentional no-balls in return for taking money from a bookmaker called Mazhar Majeed. The news shocked the cricket world and the aftereffect has remained with the name of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

On an opening day, when Mohammad Amir, a Pakistani Pace bowler, bowled a no-ball against England, nobody could have envisioned his long step past the crease was the initial phase of a memorable fixing embarrassment. After two days it was uncovered that three no-balls; two by Amir and one by another pace bowler Mohammad Asif, were a part of an obscure betting bargain. Pakistani captain Salman Butt had arranged the deal of delivering intentional no-ball in return for money covert by Mazhar. Later, these three cricketers were sent for trial in London court under the offense of the Gambling Act and were also sent to jail in November 2011.

That dark morning at the ‘home of cricket’ not only crash the professions of three players who were prohibited and imprisoned, but the scandal red also marked the glorious Pakistan cricket history in the global cricket community.

(9) Luiz Suarez’s Biting Incidents

Luis Suarez Biting History: All 3 Incidents

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Suarez is badly known for biting the players of his opponent team. On his three biting incidents, the most infamous was the latest one. In this incident, he bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s final stage match. As it was his third biting incident, he was banned from 10 international football matches.

(10) Indian Premier League Match-Fixing Scandal

Full text: Delhi Police explains how they busted IPL spot-fixing  racket-Sports News , Firstpost

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A premier league in a nation where cricket is venerated as a religion will undoubtedly be engaged with one of the best Match Fixing Scandals in Cricket. During the sixth fall of the Indian Premier League, the Delhi Police charged three cricketers, S. Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, and Ankeet Chavan (all of them were playing for Rajasthan Royals at that time) for their inclusion in match-fixing. Police also interrogate 23 others including bookies, actors, co-proprietors (like Vindu Dara Singh and Gurunath Meiyappan) for gambling and submitting other criminal operations.

Police also found them connected with hidden underworld dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. The absence of coordination among the police divisions and inaccessibility of strong proof prompted the release of various individuals including Sreesanth and Chavan a few days later.

These all the scandals are known as the topmost scandals in sports history. These all scandals are very regretful, and the International Sports Organizations should be aware of these scandals and take necessary steps.


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