Farming The Furniture- An Incredible Approach

Farming The Furniture- An Incredible Approach

Farming the furniture sounds Surprising!  The whole chair, table, the lampshade is blooming from the ground.  If you go to the city of Wordsworth in England, you will see such a scene.  There is greenery on 2 acres of land. Natural table-chairs are indeed growing out of the ground.  Although it sounds unrealistic, the incident is real.  This furniture is being made in a completely scientific way.  Behind it is Gavin Monroe, now one of the founders of a natural furniture company called Full Grown. It is a UK company that grows trees into chairs, sculptures, lamps, mirror frames, and tables. It was co-founded by Gavin Munro in 2005.

Gavin Munro was born in Matlock England. He studied furniture design. He created driftwood furniture while in San Francisco. Munro’s mother-in-law permitted the prototypes of the chairs to be grown in their garden.

A closer look reveals that in Gavin’s garden. The upside-down lined chairs are maturing naturally.  As the willow tree grows a little, the back part of the chair takes shape.  To his advantage, some furniture has been added to the trees.  As an outcome, willow trees rich in green leaves grow in the pattern of chairs with them.

After a period, Gavin thinks he could grow the trees in a way. The way was a mixture of some artistic and some scientific methods, he would no longer need to cut down trees to make furniture. The trees would take on that shape on their own.

Growing furniture in the Peak District | Great British Life

Growing furniture in the Peak District | Great British Life
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It was with this in mind that he started naturally making items of furniture in 2012.

Later the furniture is farmed, Munro says the trees will again bloom new shoots and “continue to have a life,”. It also could be used again to grow more furniture.

For trees to reach full growth, it relies on the Climate and the water available. In intense climates with warm weather and a plentiful reserve of water, a tree can become fully grown in 30 years. A tree in cooler regions may take numerous hundred years to reach full maturity. Each year a tree grows larger by adding a further layer of wood. These layers are called growth rings.

Using this unique method, Gavin is effortlessly making table-chairs as well as other materials like lampshades, mirror frames.  It takes at least 6 years for a willow tree to grow fully.

The main reason for choosing willow trees for furniture construction is that they can grow very fast. It is also relatively easy to work with willow trees from other trees.

From 2015-16, there has been a good response from the vendors. When they started selling these lamps with naturally made lampshades and mirror frames.  Several have also applied for oak and cherry tree furniture.

Gavin and Alice Munro are serious about sustainability. On a two-acre land in England’s Midlands, they are raising trees. Those are trained into forming the shape of furniture.

A full dining room set takes about a decade to grow. But they will sell you items that are pre-grown in an online shop.

The couple has a furniture farm in Derbyshire. They are cultivating 250 chairs, 100 lamps, and 50 tables. Their opinion was what they see as the inefficient and carbon-heavy process of cutting down mature trees to build stunning furniture.

This UK farm is growing furniture to help fight deforestation. | World Economic Forum

This UK farm is growing furniture to help fight deforestation. | World Economic Forum Source:

Now let’s talk about Farming Furniture – an Incredible approach.

We do not need woodworking skills to craft fine furniture from scratch. As one couple from England proved, all we need is a green thumb. The strategy has been used to grow chairs, lamps, and tables.

The parts are just as functional as regular furniture, and the unique manufacturing style makes for a beautiful, one-of-kind design. But the vital purpose of the furniture farm is sustainability. Farming Furniture is undoubtedly an incredible approach.

It is not so hard to grow furniture.

Rather than chopping down mature trees to saw and nail into chairs and tables, Full Grown Company grows furniture from the ground up. Trees are strategically farmed, grafted, and shaped into particular structures. When farmed, they are already elegant furniture pieces.

In the modern era, farming furniture is a very crucial aspect. We need to know about it appropriately.

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