Do You Know This Was The First Sport In The World?

Do You Know This Was The First Sport In The World?

Sports have been playing a vital role in our everyday life. It is getting popular and has now become an inseparable part of regular life. People all over the world have been taking part in all kinds of sports for pleasure and keeping their bodies healthy. From the previous centuries, these sports were known as a perfect and durable occupation for the players. Some of the most primitive sports of previous centuries are yet popular today.

Do you know what the first sport in this world was? No, a particular answer to this question hasn’t been found yet. That’s why all the answers to this question are considered genuine speculation. There is no method of knowing which sport came first. We can only guess that it was a running race, maybe a wrestling match, possibly throwing a javelin (spear) at a target or for distance, maybe racing from here to there on a horse, take an idea it will be a good thought. We know that wrestling was most popular in various civilizations in both Europe and Asia from archaic artwork. Cave paintings are the oldest artworks of the world that do not depict a sport, but rather depict animals. Scientists are trying to know even today about this first sport in the world. But no specific answer has been found yet.

Here is the name of some sports which have the possibility to be the world’s first sport.


There is a lot of proof that indicates that this sport wrestling was being played from the early days of man. As no equipment is needed to play this sport. Some of the world’s experts have a hard claim in this game as they say that this was the first sport played in the world. This sport wrestling is being referenced in the beginning history of the world, from epics Mahabharata, Homer’s The Iliad, and ancient Indian Vedas.

Blitz Aug 2012: Ancient Greek Olympics | DanceLilSister | Flickr


This sport was considered an essential part of people’s daily life in ancient Greece. This sport was also played in Roman times and beyond the Roman Times. Early European settlers living in North America also witnessed and enjoyed American wrestling. So, it can be assumed that wrestling was very famous in America and other countries before many years, and it is still very famous around the world.


Hellenistic bronze statue of a running athlete, 1 | Found in… | Flickr

Hellenistic bronze statue of a running athlete

Running is considered to be the oldest sport in the world. Naturally, no one knows about its original origin. However, it was first competitively introduced in Greece in 6 BC. This sport running was first started in a competitive way in ancient Greece. The game has been very popular since ancient times. This sport has become very famous among the people of the world.


History of Polo | Polo Museum

Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame
History of Polo | Polo Museum Image Source 

The game of polo is also considered the oldest sport in the world. The game was played in Iran in the first century AD. Some experts claim that the Persians invented the game 2,000 years before Christ. However, Iran is considered to be the inventor of the game. The game came to Arabia from Iran. Then he left for Tibet. In Tibet, the game is called ‘Pulu.’ This game was introduced to the Indian people by the Muslim Conquerors. The game was taken from India to England in 180. Today, the game is played in India and Argentina, England, America, and other countries. The first modern polo club is the Kachar Club in Assam.

The club was founded in 1859. Polo is played on horseback with a stick and a ball. The polo stick is called ‘male.’ This is an open field game. The grassy playground is 284.32 m (300 yards) long and 148.3 m (180 yards) wide with light round posts at both ends. The distance between the poles of the goal post is 7.3 meters (8 yards). When the ball passes through the goal post, one goal is scored. Two competing teams took part in the game. Each team has four players. If you want to be an expert player in polo, you must practice being a perfect horse rider at first. The game can be played in different rounds, like 6, 7, or 8 rounds. In the game, this round is called ‘Chukar.’ The duration of one chukker is 7.5 minutes. At the end of each round, the players are allowed to take a little rest. The game is costly. So only rich people can play it. This game is also known as the game of princes. However, this game is very famous worldwide. It is a challenging but exhilarating game for us. The first elephant-back polo game was played in 1986 in Jaipur, India. Forty thousand spectators enjoyed the game. The first game was played in Jaipur on a camel in 1986. People have also started playing bicycle polo now. The largest Polo event was Bangalore Limited Handicap Polo Tournament Trophy. The height of the prize cup in this game is 6 feet.

Throwing Javelin

File:Javelin throwers Ancient Greece.png - Wikimedia Commons

This game is also known as the first sport globally, as there is a lot of proof of its reclamation. It was proved that this game was played from the very beginning of the previous centuries. This game of ancient times is still a part of the Modern Olympics organized by the central Olympic community. It was added to the Olympics at the time of 1908. In ancient times, the players of this game got used to throwing lighter Javelin than now. Now the Javelin has a specific weight of 800g, and it is 2.6m wide and 8m long. So, this sport could also be the first sport in the world.

As there is no specific proof of the first sport globally, we don’t specifically know which the first sport in the world was. But the first sport of the word is inside in these 4 games (Wrestling, Running, Polo, and Throwing Javelin). You might look for the first sport globally on the internet, but you will get the same results on every website. So, we can just wait until the final answer comes out from the International Organizations of the world.


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