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Top 6 Best Torpedo Heater Reviews 2024 and Buying Guide

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The use of technology has made our work much easier in a number of ways.

Gone are the days when people would spend sleepless nights in cold rooms just because they could not afford the expensive heating appliances.

best torpedo heater

The best torpedo heater is an excellent heat source for your surrounding and it does that in an efficient manner.

The heaters have been designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Using it is very easy and they are considered to be much safer than the gas heating sources.

They are very portable hence one can always move them from one room to another. 

When using the torpedo heater, you will not experience any power outlets or disturbing gas lines.

We do have several brands that offer different types of units that have been engineered for different surface areas.

In this guide, we will be looking at the top 6 best torpedo heaters in the market.

What is a Torpedo Heater?

This is a device that produces heat by fuel combustion. It does operate on a forced-air function. 

The torpedo heaters are capable of running on a wide variety of fuels including propane, diesel, natural gas, kerosene and more.

However, the best torpedo heater fuel is propane since it is of a lower price and offers clean burning.

How Does a Torpedo Heater Works?

Kerosene is put into the fuel tank which is then absorbed.

After this, a primary combustion process will occur. So, how will it make heat? 

You will have to light the kerosene in order to get hit.

There is always an ignition plug on ever torpedo heater which vaporizes the kerosene.

Thereafter, the flame will be made and it will burn to generate heat.

It does have a mechanical control located in the middle of every burning unit which allows a particular amount of air inside the heater base.

You can adjust this if you are in need of more or less heat.

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6 Best Torpedo Heater Reviews

Let’s start!!

1. Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-air Heater 80K BTU Review (Best Multi-Fuel Torpedo Heater)

Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-air Heater 80K BTU Review

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The Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-air Heater 80K BTUForced air Heater comes in the first position in our list of best torpedo heaters in the market.

It does feature a power output that is in the range of 80,000 BTU meaning the heater is capable of covering an area of 1900 ft. 

This means your entire house or the main room will be covered by heat.

Another excellent feature is its comfort control thermostat which makes it possible for the heater to be controlled by the use of a thermostat.

This will make it possible to save some little fuel and also make small adjustments required for best use.

By having a state of the art fuel gauge, it simply means you will be in a position to track the fuel cylinder and know when it needs to be replaced.

It is a very durable heater and comes with a nozzle which is unbreakable in several ways.

There are chances that the heater might be heavy and having an extra trolley added means you will be in a position to move it around whenever you want.


  • Has a stylish fuel gauge
  • It is durable
  • It is of a large design
  • Can Cover up to 1900 ft
  • Is powered by several fuel types


  • It is expensive

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2. Mr. Heater F270370 MH175KTR 175,000 Kerosene Heater Review (Best Kerosene Torpedo Heater)

Mr. Heater F270370 MH175KTR 175,000 Kerosene Heater Review

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Despite being among the best torpedo heaters, you can never use it inside your house.

It does produce an astonishing 175,000 BTU heat.

The fans will be responsible for distributing warm air over a surface of up to 4.250 ft.

In case you are in need of a construction site or farm heating solution whenever you are in need of keeping the cold air at bay as you work outside, then the Mr. Heater F270370 MH175KTR 175,000 Kerosene Heater should be your choice. 

It is possible to use this heater in enclosed locations provided you do have an excellent ventilation system and a large surface.

It uses a 13.9-gallon tank meaning that when full the fuel should last you for up to ten hours of use.


  • It is a very portable heater and can be moved around with ease.
  • Uses an inbuilt thermostat hence possible to keep the temperature at a constant level


  • It uses electricity hence need to be connected to a 115-volt alternative current
  • It cannot be used indoors since it is very strong and can suck all oxygen just to offer heat

3. 170K – 220K BTU Master 220T Air Heater Review (Best Diesel Torpedo Heater)

170K - 220K BTU Master 220T Air Heater Review

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In case you are worried about a noisy performance, then the Master 220T Air Heater is the best option for you.

This torpedo heater was developed using the latest technology and it is a dual fusion heater that runs without producing noise.

It is 50% less nosy than the other heaters in the market.

It is CSA certified and does run on kerosene. Its most recent design has been loaded with a number of safety features.

It is an excellent model that throws a great amount of heat using its 170K/220K heat output.

A number of its users have claimed that it is one of the best torpedo heaters they ever used.


  • It is toasty and nice
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Has a wide face and is of a radiating design making the heater fill large areas fast
  • Using it is very easy
  • One can use multiple fuel types
  • Creates a dual heating factor for fast and efficient heat


  • It can get too hot for the smaller spaces
  • It is not a plug thermostat compatible

4. Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Forced Air Torpedo Heater Review (Best Torpedo Heater for Garage)

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Forced Air Torpedo Heater Review

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The Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Forced Air Torpedo Heater is capable of warming up to 1125 sq. ft.

This is less than what the first heater can warm. 

It is possible to use this torpedo heater in a well ventilated outdoor space and it offers lots of flexibility.

In case you are trying to warm a chilly construction site, you will not experience any problem.

Its fuel tank is capable of holding up to five gallons with an operation time of 14 hours which is second to only the Mr. Heater 125K BTU unit. 

When you have this heater, you will not have to refuel more frequently meaning extra convenience for you.

In case you wish, you can still use it with other jet fuel types although you can achieve the best performance using the K-1 kerosene.

When you purchase this heater, you can be sure that you will never have a steep learning curve whenever it comes to operation.

All you have to do is the flip switch in order to turn the model on.


  • Transporting it is much easier thanks to its carrying handle
  • It has an automatic shut off
  • Comes with a cold start system which ensures great performance


  • It does not heat a huge space

5. DeWalt DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene Heater Review (Best-Rated Torpedo Heater)

DeWalt DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene Heater Review

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The DeWalt DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene Heater is made up of a durable split barrel which makes it much easier to clean and maintain. 

It comes with a very comfortable handle which makes it easier to move around with.

It also comprises of a thermostat control and recessed controls which have been specifically designed to help keep both the valves and knobs from getting damaged in case the machine tips over or if there is an accident at the place of work.

It has a continuous and electronic ignition system that has been designed to ensure minimal chance for the fuel to collect and pool when it is not in use. 

This particular torpedo heater has been made for outdoor use and is not recommended for use inside the house.

It is a very strong and powerful heater capable of keeping you together with your team warn when outdoors during the cold months.


  • It starts immediately thereby saving one the time of having to wait
  • Has two large size wheels making it easier to move around
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • It is not that strong
  • A bit expensive

6. BTU Propane Forced Air Heater Review (Best Torpedo Heater Brand)

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The 60,000 BTU Propane Forced Air Heater comes in at the fifth position in our list of the best torpedo heaters currently available in the market.

This heater comes with a power output of 60,000 BTU and it can easily be adjusted to meet your requirements.

It is also capable of heating up an area of up to 1,500 BTU which is ideal for outdoors and patio rooms.

Since it can heat your room pretty fast, you might be forced to deal with the connector which can be a bit frustrating to several users.

It will, however, flow much faster after it has been fastened well.

You will be pleased with the type of versatility it offers and it is lightweight weighing just 11 pounds.

However, it is a little bit expensive when compared to other types of torpedo heaters although the feature it has does justify its high price. 

It has also been designed to last for a longer time hence; the price should not be an issue.

It also comes with a one year warranty which gives you peace of mind whenever you are using it.


  • It does have a fully adjustable design
  • Easy to carry and portable
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Can cover up to 1500 ft


  • It can be quite frustrating to apply the connector

Buying Guide for the Best Torpedo Heater

After going through the six best torpedo heaters we did reviews above, you should have a better knowledge of them together with their features and pros and cons. 

However, it is also important that you be aware of the important things to look for when shopping for the best torpedo heater.

Below are some of the important factors you need to consider when shopping for the torpedo heaters.

Power source

It is important that you always look at the source of the power of the torpedo heater first before you make any purchase.

The power source can either be gas-powered or electric.

Electric heaters are a little bit cheaper and they are known to offer a number of great features especially when you have electricity at your disposal.

However, this is never the case when outdoors.

Gas-powered torpedo heaters are among the best in the market today.

They have been designed for outdoor use and they do use kerosene propane.

It does not matter if you go for one that uses propane or kerosene, you will still have a portable power source which will make your life a bit easier.

We can also go for the battery-powered options although it might not be that efficient.

Power Output

Depending on the amount of heat you require, power output is another essential feature that you need to prioritize whenever you are shopping for the best torpedo heater in the market.

In case you will be using the heater outdoors, it is advisable that you go for something that can offer more than 30, 000 BTU.

This will be capable of heating up larger areas as well. 

The total amount of time it takes will also be part of the features.

Power output also means the area that will be heated.

When shopping for the best torpedo heaters in the market, it is important that you go for something which is capable of heating a minimum of 1000 square ft.

It will keep the entire camping space heated although it can be great for the patio area too. It is important that you note that it can potentially spike the price too.

Size and Weight

Since the heaters have been designed to be used outdoors, it is important that they be of decent size and weight.

In case the heater is small enough to be stored inside a confined space, it is possible for you to save some space when you are camping. 

These factors in the weight too.

In case the heater is too heavy, then it might not be the most comfortable when you think of carrying it around.

You can also consider buying a torpedo heater that has a carry handle.

Safety Features

Safety features can be of great importance. What you need to ensure is that the heater does have several safety features that will keep you protected.

The tip features are one of the features. It means that the heater will shut off automatically when it tips over and it makes life much easier as well.

When you are contemplating using the heaters indoors, you will have to get a sensor that you will install.

The sensor will make life much easier and enable you to know when you are in short of oxygen.

There are top heaters that will turn off automatically when they get to this level while oxygen drops to a particular level.


This is one of the most essential things you need to think of when shopping for the best torpedo heater in the market.

Today, torpedo heaters can be reproduced with lots of ease and there are certain brands that are not of the same quality standard or even safety features to provide you.

There is also a chance that you might find them replicating some of the top brands and offering them at a much affordable price.

You should never get fooled by the cost of the cheaper options and while the six best torpedo heater options we have selected are a little bit expensive, they are among the best in the market.

It is advisable that you try sticking to some of the brands we have reviewed.


Our last factor that you need to consider when shopping for the best torpedo heater is the warranty.

Since torpedo features do have several tech features, there are chances that some can be prone to manufacturer flaws. 

 You might be forced to pay a little more for the warranty but it is important you keep in mind that the standard warranty for these torpedo heaters is one year.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Torpedo Heaters

Here are the commonly asked questions concerning the best torpedo heaters.

Q: What are the Torpedo Heater Applications?

Ans: The torpedo heaters do work great in heating up the environment in a cost-effective manner. However, the only basic requirement is its excellent ventilation. 

Some of the torpedo heaters application areas include commercial events, workshops and construction sites.

Q: Why are Torpedo heaters popular?

Ans: There are attractive features like portability and touch which make torpedo heaters popular in both industrial and commercial sectors.

The lightweight and compact heaters run of fuels like propane and kerosene making them very much affordable for construction sites and warehouses.

They are also known to be very effective when it comes to putting up the heat and one of the biggest benefits that come with using the torpedo heaters is their long-lasting features.

They have been built ruggedly which ensures that the heater can last for several years with little upkeep.

Q: Which is the best Propane Torpedo Heater in the Market?

Ans: Kerosene is among the most popular types of fuels used in running torpedo heaters. However, the best type of fuel to use in any torpedo heater is propane.

One reason why there are users who prefer it over kerosene is that it never produces a bad smell.

Its clean-burning gas does not leave any smell and there are a few emissions that do not bother at all.

Many users do recommend using the 80K BTU Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-air Heater since they consider it as the best propane torpedo heater.

It works well both outdoors and indoors. You can get its detailed discussion and features in the review section.


Expect to get the best torpedo heaters in the market after going through the top six reviews together with the buying guide.

It is a great idea to go for a model that offers you multi-fuel flexibility.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that diesel and kerosene do burn dirty while propane is considered to be the best fuel for any heater.

Feel free to share your views or any question in the comment section below.

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