best tennis racquets for beginners

5 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners Reviews 2024 [Buying Guide]

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners: Choose the Right One

If you are interested in tennis then the content is only for you. It does not an important matter however you are a beginner.

Here I am going to review the 5 best tennis racquets for beginners.

best tennis racquets for beginners

However, your starting experience will be more memorable and fuller of excitement by having the best tennis racquet.

Most people don’t figure out which racquet is the best and perfect for them. So, they try with a normal racquet.

But it is the most important concern for you to choose the right ingredient to improve your playing quality.

Specifically, as a beginner, you just need a flexible, user-friendly and comfortable racquet. This article is very convenient to find out the best tennis rackets for beginners.

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5 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners Reviewed!

Let’s dive into the review!

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet (Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners)

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

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Generally, beginners feel the excitement and they don’t understand which racquet is better for them.

Being new in this sector, sometimes they affected by conflict. To illustrate, Babolat Pure Drive 110 2018 is the best tennis racquets for beginners.

Because it offers a beginner updated tennis ingredient.

For example, Babolat Pure Drive 110 2018 uses FSI power technology that makes the racquet power hitter.

It also has an internal cortex system that makes tennis stronger and stronger.

On the other hand, it has three color combinations like sky blue, black and white.

Meanwhile, it also offers a 110 square inch large size head that is comfortable to play.

Specially, The Babolat Pure Drive manages the woofer technology that it will capable of creating a powerful hit of a tennis ball.

It is true this tennis bat will satisfy a tennis lover.

Video Review:


• All are modern and pure ingredients

• Use updated technology

• Flexible and comfortable to all

• Available grip size: 41/2-41/4-41/8 and 43/8 (4 inches)

• The splendid and awesome color combination

• Average weight 10 to 12 ounces

• 2 points headlights


• Not suitable for the senior or expertise level

• Price is comparatively high

• Warranty is not available

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Top Starter Racquet)

Top Starter Racquet

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If you fall in love with tennis then you should try to find out the best racquet for playing. But you may confuse which is reliable for you.

Don’t be upset because HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet solves your problem.

It is the top starter racquet since you are a newcomer. Moreover, HEAD MicroGel is made of microgel technology. In other words, it has made by silicon-based ingredients.

So, the outlook of the racquet is very attractive, and its heads are very strong. Meanwhile, the grip of this racquet will support you to play professionally.

The racquet is a bit lighter and more balanced. In contrast, the inward style strings are eminent and releasing better flexibility.

When swinging the bat, you get the mid-level groundstroke and ease of use. After, the string of the bat is so strong and potential.

One more, the radical mid plus will create serving power. In contrast, using this racquet, you will get the support of controlling and more comfort.


• Easy and comfortable for a beginner

• Weight up to 8 to 10 ounces

• White, black and red color available

• Provide a unique touch and rock-solid feeling

• The super-fast head includes 21mm head

• Weight 12.8 ounces


• Lowest density

• Too large and not perfect for children

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet-Strung (Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners)

Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners

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Are you finding a long margin racquet for you? If your answer is ‘YES’ then buy a HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet.

Because the HEAD Ti.S6 is a very lightweight and strong racquet. In other words, it’s the price is reasonable and very cheap.

It may be the best cheap tennis racquet for beginners. Really it is a game-changer for you as a beginner. Especially, it has a heavy, wide head and solid beam.

The wide head support to catch the outrage’s ball and the straight beam will help to power hit. As a result, a beginner can easily control the tennis bat.

Therefore, in the game time, the bat seems to be a powerful swing. In fact, the string pattern of it is very strong and dense.

And so, HEAD Ti.S6 has the stability with its quality. Furthermore, the whole body of the tennis bat is made with a mix of graphite and titanium. Sot, it should be the ideal bat for tennis.


• The string pattern is 16×19 that has a strong contracture

• Titanium and graphite material body

• Extra-long size available as like it length is 27 ¾”

• The available beam is a maximum 28.5mm

• The head size is 115 inches

• Weight is up-to 8 ounces

• Grip size is 4 5/8” inch


• No cover with it that may make someone irritate.

• Not usable below the five years old children

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket (Best Budget Beginner Tennis Racquet)

Best Budget Beginner Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket is the famous and demandable tennis bat from past years.

Surely, it should be your favorite one. Because this tennis racquet is made on the hyper carbon basis model.

On the other hand, this model has an oversized frame, lightweight and flexible.

As a beginner, Wilson Hyper Hammar 5.3 would be your best choice.

The length of the bat is 27.5 inches and it can supply you the maximum standard output.

Moreover, this Hammar maintains the leverage between the ball and the bat. So you should not worry about it.

The grip size of Wilson Hyper Hammer is 4 1/8″ to 4 1/2″ but for ease of a handle for every level of the player.

Meanwhile, the string knitting pattern is 16*20 which is perfect for the elastic of the ball.

In contrast, its head size is 110 sq. inch that can cover the maximum range from the hand.


• Available head size 110 sq. inch

• The bat is very lightweight that 9 ounces

• Ideal ingredient for beginners

• Flexible on the swing and hitting the ball

• Easy control, less pressure but huge output power

• Extra power and spin


• Large quake

• No cover

• The lifetime is short of the bat

Wilson Federer Adult Racket (Best Cheap Tennis Racquet for Beginners)

Cheap Tennis Racquet for Beginners

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As a beginner, you can primarily choose the Wilson Federer Adult Racket. Because it is the best beginner budgeted racquet.

The price of this racquet is cheap and budget-friendly. When you start playing with this racquet, you will find the best favorable power on your bat.

The racquet is made with a combination of a volcanic frame and arch technology. And so it will increase the bat’s power.

Moreover, it includes power strings. While playing a game, you will find the lightweight frame on it. So it can be easily swung.

Meanwhile, the grip is adjustable with the palm. Because the grip has a huge cellular pad that absorbs hands vapor.

Therefore, its weight is 11.5 ounces which is comfortable to power hit on the ball.

As well, its oversized head shelters you the wide range area from your body and hand.


• Very strong beam and head

• Suitable for both beginners

• The lightweight as smooth’s

• Wide head to cover wide range area

• Advanced technology

• Vapor absorption pad in the grip

• Good balanced

• Cheap and budget-friendly


• No cover bag with it

• No color variation

Buying Guide for Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

If you want to buy a racquet as a beginner, you consider some important things. They are as like as head size, Price, weight, balance, power, and grip. Let’s discuss the buying guideline in detail.

Head size

The head size of a racquet is the most important thing for better performance.

A racquet’s head size should not so big. It should be the middle size and congenial to a player.

In other words, the head size should be 106-115 square inches for a beginner.

The beginner needs a big head racquet because he would miss the ball again and again.

As a result, he has to practice with a big head size racquet so that he will get impressed.

As well, an experienced player needs a standard racquet more than 98 inches.

And for the intermediate player needs 99-105 inches. However a big head size racquet, no need to effort, more physical power.

They can apply the various technologies on the bat, and it will provide benefits to them.


When you decide to start playing tennis, you should be with a lightweight racquet.

You can practice with a low weighted tennis bat though you are not trained.

After practicing long days, you can use the heavy weighted racquet gradually.

The standard weight of a racquet is around 8-12 ounces for a beginner.

If he practices the heavyweight at a starting point, he can’t enjoy tennis.

When you practice more regularly, you must be able to use a weighted racquet.

Though more weight of your racquet, the more you get good performance. But it is true for the experienced player.


There are several things that may affect the power of a game. When a player exists in the quote, there are varieties of perspectives.

They may new place, swing capabilities, racquet’s ingredients, strings, tension, and many more. As a beginner, you can’t realize that matter.

So, you should find out self-weak points, strong side, swing tricks, and others.

Moreover, you must buy a good quality racquet so that it may be the best partner in your practice.

A good quality racquet can help you to increase your swing power.

The standard range of a racquet is around 50lbs-60lbs. So, always select the perfect string range for the better power of your racquet.


When a player plays with his tennis bat, its balance distributes all over the racquet. There have three balances in a racquet.

First is ‘headlight’ that means all of the weight of the racquet joins at the middle point.

Second, one is ‘evenly balance’ which means the balance joins at the upper of the frame.

The third one is ‘head heavy’ which means all balance joins the head of the racquet.

A head heavy is more powerful because it increases stability and power.

For increasing maneuverability, the headlight can play an important role.

On the other hand, even balance racquets exist between head heavy and headlight frames racquets.


The price depends on your budget. You can buy a highly qualified or low rated racquet.

Generally, you can buy a good quality racquet between $100-$200. If your budget is short, you can buy a tennis bat at $100.

On the other hand, you can buy a more costly racquet. But you must keep in mind that you must maintain the standard and quality.

Grip quality

Without a better size and quality grip, the tennis bat may slip from the hand. So, examine the standard size grip.

Never buy a small size handle. It’s because you cannot find any comfort when playing.

The size of a perfect grip is 4 ¾ inches which feeling you professional.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners

Q: What is the standard grip size?

Ans: It actually depends on the hand size of a man. Different man has a different physical structure and fitness.

A tall man needs a longer griper. If the man is a short or small child then his griper size is so tiny.

But the perfect grip size supposes to 4 ¾ inches.

Q: Can you tell me the benefits of longer size racquets?

Ans: Yes. There are many benefits to having a longer size racquet.

Most importantly, a long size racquet is beneficial for the man who wants to start playing as a beginner.

Because a long racquet can help to cover your wide rage area from your body and had.

It also perfects for teenagers. If you want to gather experience of playing with the long racquet, I can suggest you no longer use a long size racquet and you can use it around three to six months for the purpose of practicing.

After then you must leave it. Because of playing as a professional player, you must have to use short size racquet. If you use long racquet, you can’t apply to swing, power, or balance technique.

Q: What is the difference between the headlight and evenly balance?

Ans:  Thanks for your important question. There are silly differences between the headlight and evenly balance.

To understand this matter, you can take a racquet on your hand. Look up your racquet then observe it. You can understand about the headlight balance of your tennis bat in the middle point.

When you play and apply power on the bat, the weight of this racquet will join at the middle point of the bat is called the headlight balance.

On the other hand, the weight will centralize at the top of the frame of your tennis bat is called evenly balance.

The main difference is both of its work at the playing time. The headlight balance creates a power hit on the ball and evenly balance helps the bat swing.

Q: What are the effects of weight on racquet?

Ans: Weight plays an important role in tennis, especially on the racquet. So it has effects on performance depending on your tennis bat.

At first experienced players generally use weighted racquet. Since they know how to use the secret techniques and tricks to apply weight on the game. But weight will be a burden for the beginner.

So as a beginner you must avoid heavy weight racquet. If you don’t do that it will affect your performance. As a result, you may lose your energy and excitement on tennis. When you will gather much experience, you can use a weighted racquet. This process will be fine for you.

Q: Which head size of a racquet is perfect for me as a beginner?

Ans: It depends on you. For more details, if you are a beginner, you can use 106+ square inches head size racquet.

And then for the intermediate player, 99-105 square inches head size is perfect. In other words, for the experience and extreme level player needs 98 square inches head size racquet. Now you can understand the matter which size you should choose.

Q: Which racquet is best for me?

Ans: It is hard to answer. But for your favor, you can read this article carefully. I hope you will find the best racquet for you.

Q: What is the required length for better performance?

Ans: There are three types of the lengthy racquet. Choose yours which is matches you.


Intermediate level:27-28(inches)

Experience level: 27-27.5(inches)


It is a really big challenge to select the best tennis racquets for beginners. In contrast, in the market, there exist a lot of racquets that may confuse a newcomer to select the best one.

But for future progression and to build up a tennis career the first tennis racquet plays a noteworthy role for every player.

 It is better for someone to justify going market physically, and it will give him a huge option to select the best tennis racquets.

However, this article will help to find out the best and perfect racquet for them who is a beginner.

From the above description, a beginner can decide which will be better for him. 

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