best tennis racquets for advanced players

5 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Reviews 2024 [Buying Guide]

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players: Choose the Right One

Tennis racquet brands are introducing new tennis racquets with better features every year for tennis players.

It is to make sure that these racquets fit best with the players playing styles and they get the most benefit from it.

best tennis racquets for advanced players

Numerous tennis racquets are available in the market for advanced players.

So, knowing your level and style of playing you can easily get one.

But if you are still confused and looking for a tennis racquet which can be best for an advanced level player, you are in the right place.

We will be listing below some names of the best tennis racquets for advanced players. 

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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Reviewed

Let’s start the review!

Babolat Pure aero 2019 Racquet Review

Babolat Pure aero 2019 Racquet Review

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The Babolat pure aero 2019 racquet is the latest version of the pure aero series with some good upgrades.

It has a nice bright yellow and black colored finish which made the racquet very eye-catchy. This can be called the best modern players racquet.

In this tennis racquet, they tried to increase the racquet head speed. For this, it gives a good hit in every shot and generates good power.

It is a little more arm friendly than the previous ones. In this racquet, they tried to lessen the unwanted vibrations and shocks as well.

This tennis racquet is extremely lightweight like the other versions.

Another good feature of this tennis racquet is that it fits into many players playing styles.

So, whatever your style is you can buy this tennis racquet and you will have a good response from the racquet.

As an advanced level player choosing the right racquet is very important to play a good game against any other player.

Babolat pure aero 2019 is one best racquet that an advanced player can choose for him without any doubts.


  • Classic feel
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Gives good spin
  • Improves your tennis skill


  • Minimizes the service 
  • Sacrifices power control sometimes

Babolat 2018 pure drive Tennis Racquet Review

Babolat 2018 pure drive Tennis Racquet Review

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Babolat 2018 pure drive tennis racquet is a great racquet for both intermediate and advanced tennis players.

But players say it is the best tennis racquet for advanced players.

This tennis racquet is the upgraded version of the previous tennis racquet Babolat 2015 model. This is the best tennis racquet in the world.

This racquet is commonly popular with players for its combination of speed, power, control, and comfort. It 

It generates more power than the earlier versions of pure drive.

For all these good features it is somewhat more expensive than the other racquets available in the market.

It has shock-absorbing material attached to the fiber which lessens the unwanted shocks and vibrations.

The high-quality strings and diamond grommets produce good power in every hit and give a good spin to the balls.

This racquet will never disappoint any tennis players if its features match with their playing styles.

So, if you want to give a boost to your game you can buy this racquet and improve your tennis skills.


  • Bigger head size
  • Light in weight
  • Easy swings
  • Good for every style
  • Good control


  • Somewhat expensive than other racquets
  • Stiff racquet

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 countervail Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 countervail Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Blade 98 16×19 countervail tennis racquet is a great racquet to give a good competition in any kind of game.

Wilson is the best tennis racquet brand and many players’ first choice.

Players commonly use this tennis racquet as it generates good power in every hit and increases the ball speed. 

If you are playing against an aggressive player and want to give a good response this tennis racquet is the best option for you. 

It is light in weight and small in length which means it is easy to control and you can have good swings.

This racquet is made of fiber which makes it lightweight than the other versions.

It reduces the unwanted shocks and vibrations too when you hit the ball.

Beginners can also use this racquet as it is very comfortable and gives a good response to every action. 

This racquet can help you build your tennis skills if you play regularly with it. 

Advanced level players can play with it if they want to play aggressive against the opponent player.

This tennis racquet is also considered to be the best tennis racquets for advanced players.


  • Good control
  • Gives good spin to the balls
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Little bit expensive

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

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HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet is an advanced version of the Graphene series.

It is the perfect Tennis Racquet for intermediate to advanced tennis players. 

It is very arm-friendly and comfortable. Easy to swing and handle.

This one is made in such a way that it generates more power than ever and gives a great spin to balls.

It maintained the control of this tennis racquet like the previous tennis racquets. This racquet delivers good groundstrokes as well. 

Tennis racquets of graphene series are famous for their excellent control and stability.

But this speed pro tennis racquet is mainly made for the advanced level players who need more control in their games.

Advanced players are seen using HEAD Graphene 360 speed pro tennis racquet widely in many competitions and tournaments.

They say this is a very arm-friendly and responsive tennis racquet with a combination of speed, power, and swings. 

We recommend this tennis racquet to players because it can help to build their tennis skills easily.


  • Excellent control
  • Improved power
  • Gives good spin to the ball


  • Lacks on some center shots

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T racquets

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T racquets

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As a tennis player whether a beginner or an advanced level player it is very important to know about your playing style.

Only then you can choose the best tennis racquet for you and you can take great advantage of it in your tennis games. 

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T is one of the best tennis racquets in the market which is only for men. 

Which means it is ideal for only male tennis players. But females can also play with it if they want to. 

This racquet is ideal for both intermediate and advanced level players. It is also very good who wants to play aggressively. 

This racquet has good stability because of the good material used in the frame.

It is made of carbon fiber fabric which makes it ultra-thin and it increases the strength and power of the racquet. 

However, like other tennis racquets, this is also light in weight and easy to swing. The sweet spot of this racquet is also large so you will never miss a shot.


  • Impressive speed
  • Very comfortable
  • Good for groundstrokes
  • Generates good power
  • Good control


  • Limited color options
  • Stiff for some players 

Buying Guides of Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Tennis Racquet Head Size 

You will need to change your tennis racquet when you change your playing style and you also need to have a clear idea about every feature of the tennis racquet you want to buy.

The head size of racquets plays a very important role.

There are many types of head sizes in the market. You can choose any of them that suits your playing style.

But for advanced players, the head size should be between 95 square inches to 105 square inches. 

Other available head sizes are:

  • Midsize which is 80 square inches to 94 square inches
  • Mid plus which is 95 square inches to 105 square inches
  • Oversize is 110 square inches to 115 square inches
  • Super-size is 116 square inches to 135 square inches

It is better if you buy the large head size tennis racquets because they generate more power.

Also as you get a bigger sweet spot you will have fewer chances to miss any shots.

And experienced and advanced level players go for mid plus ones.

However, the midsize and mid plus tennis racquets are easy to handle than the bigger head size tennis racquets.

Grip size 

The only place you touch a tennis racquet is the grip. So, if it is not comfortable you will face problems in the entire game. 

You have to measure the grip size that fits your hand before you buy a tennis racquet. There are many tennis racquets with different grip sizes.

If you don’t buy tennis with a proper grip size you will lose control of your tennis racquet in the entire game.

Now comes how can you measure the grip size. You have to simply measure the length between the tip of your middle finger and the second line of your palm.

This length is converted into ‘mm’ which is similar to the perimeter of the racquet. 

Weight of Tennis Racquets 

The weight of a tennis racquet plays a vital role in your playing style and in your whole game.

The weight of tennis racquets depends on the material used in the making of it and also the strings.

If you are an advanced player you already know which racquet suits your playing style the best. 

Most of the tennis racquets are lightweight and the lightweight tennis racquets are easy to swing and control.

This is why players normally go for lightweight tennis racquets.

Mostly, beginner tennis players buy lightweight tennis racquets.

But the heavy racquets generate good power. Those who cannot play aggressive or have own power we suggest them to buy the power tennis racquets.

It also decreases unwanted vibrations and shocks.

The medium-weight racquets are a combination of the features of a lightweight and a heavyweight racquet.

It is easy to control and generates power as well.  

The Material of Tennis Racquet 

The material of a tennis racquet makes the tennis racquet different from each other.

The weight and how your tennis racquet will respond also matters on the material. 

If the tennis racquets are made of graphite it will be light in weight.

And if it is made of aluminum or titanium it will be heavier than the graphite ones.

Beginners normally go for the graphite ones because they are light in weight and easy to control.

And those who think heavy racquets suit their style go for the titanium or aluminum ones.

The lightweight tennis racquets are expensive when it comes to price and titanium and aluminum tennis racquets which are heavy are cheaper than the lightweight tennis racquets.

Length of Tennis Racquet 

Most of the tennis racquets available in the market are 27 inches in length. But you can find a tennis racquet up to 29 inches. 

Worldwide every competition or tournaments allow players to play with up to 29 inches length.

Above 29 inches competitions or tournaments don’t allow players to play with it.

Tennis racquets of length 19 inches to 23 inches are considered to be best for age under 8. From inch, 23 to 25 inches is good for players age 9 to 11.

And from 23 inches to 29 inches are better for above 12 years. 

However, there are certain benefits of using a tennis racquet with a long length.

You can have good groundstrokes with those tennis racquets.

Although the shorter tennis racquet is easy to swing and control. 

Pre-strung vs unstrung Tennis Racquets

You can find both pre-strung and unstrung tennis racquet in the market. 

The difference of a pre-strung tennis racquet and an unstrung tennis racquet is that the pre-strung ones have installed strings and the unstrung ones are not pre-installed.

In the case of the unstrung tennis racquet, you can choose the strings and install how you want. 

Advanced tennis players buy the unstrung tennis racquets because they can install it how they want.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players

Q. Which size tennis racquet will be good for me?

This depends on the playing style of players. No one can give an accurate answer to this question.

Many players feel comfortable using the normal head size racquets as it is easy to control and swing.

Again, many players feel comfortable using oversize ones because it has a bigger sweet spot. The size of the tennis racquet best for advanced players is midsize.

But if the bigger size suits their playing style, they can take a good advantage if it too. So, the size depends on players playing style and on their comfort level.

Q. Should I buy the lightest tennis racquet available?

Light tennis racquets are easy to swing control. But if you want to have power in your hits then you should buy the heavy tennis racquets as they generate more power than the light tennis racquets.

So, it is not like that you have to buy the lightest racquet. You can buy any of these which you feel comfortable and which matches the best with your playing style.

But it is our suggestion for the senior players to buy the light tennis racquets because they can swing it easily and have good control over it.

Q. Should I buy the pre-strung or unstrung racquet?

If you are a beginner, normally, you will have less knowledge of tennis racquets. So, we will suggest you buy a pre-strung tennis racquet.

But if you know enough about strings then you can buy the unstrung ones and install it how you want to. 

Advanced or intermediate tennis players buy unstrung tennis racquets because they can have variation and choose the strings of their own. In this case, you can choose the best strings for you. 


Being an advanced player, you already have enough idea about tennis racquets.

But as there are too many tennis racquets brands you can get confused too.

If you know about the features of the tennis racquets and you’re playing style still you will find out many tennis racquets that match with your style.

In that case, you can buy the racquets we listed above which are the best tennis racquets for advanced players.

But you have to have proper knowledge and idea about your playing style first and then match those with the features of the tennis racquets.

Only then you will get the most benefit in your games.

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