best tattoo power supply

Best Tattoo Power Supply Reviews for the Tattoo Artists (Latest Update)

Best Tattoo Power Supply Reviews For Beginners

Guys, are you wondering for the best tattoo power supply. If so you are in the right place.

Here, I will help you to find the right tattoo power supply according to your need.

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The good quality power supply can help our tattoo machine work perfectly.

If the power supply does not provide efficient current flow it may damage our expensive tattoo machine.

best tattoo power supply
Best Tattoo Power Supply

I think it will be really very socking for all the tattoo artists.

To get the best-researched result, keep patience and stay with us.

Let’s continue reading my review on the best tattoo power supply.

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Here I am going to review 5 top tattoo power supply which will help you to run your tattoo machine perfectly.

My reviewed tattoo power supply is compatible with all kinds of tattoo machines. They both perfectly work with liner and shader machines.

Normally these power supply will compatible with 110-210 volt current.

My reviewed power supply will come with a foot paddle and clip cord.

Continue reading and stay with me for a few minutes.

I will definitely help you to choose the best tattoo power supply for your tattoo machine.

Let’s dive in!

1.  The Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Best Tattoo Power Supply

best tattoo power supply

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This is the best tattoo power supply offered by the tattoo star. It is very easy to use, reliable, well-built, and safe.

This dual digital power supply work with all kinds of the tattoo machine.

Anyone can easily connect it with both liner and shader with the simple flip of a button.

 And also you can change power between them with a single foot pedal.

Though most of the users love it, that they can set the voltage. At the same time, some do note that they had issues with the foot pedal.

Anytime you may remain both your tattoo machine power up and ready to go.

You can adjust the voltage according to your requirements using its digital meter.

This power supply has stainless steel upgraded flat foot pedal and a 6-foot clip cord to connect your machine with power supply.

It has an easy-to-read display, and a matching power cord to match your country (110-220v).

Power input: You can get AC 60v-250v 50Hz-60Hz power input from this device.

Power output: You may get DC 1.5-18v power output from this machine.

See the video here:


  • It is Reliable
  • Well-built
  • Has stainless steel pedal
  • An easy to read digital display
  • Has Voltage dial
  • 6-foot clip cord
  • Light


  • Some users are not satisfied with this
  • Has Foot pedal issues

2. The Yuelong Professional Tattoo Power Supply Kit

Yuelong Professional Tattooing Kit

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Are you finding a reliable dual power supply for your tattoo shop?

You may have a look at this power machine offered by Yuelong.

Most of the users love this device because it has an easy-to-use interface.

And some of the users do a note that they faced few issues setting it up.

This latest dual power supply has a blue LCD display that is very user-friendly.

Power input voltage: 110V-240V, AC50/60Hz.

Power output voltage: 3~18v. Output Power: 0.3-45W

The rating current: 0-2A,

The accuracy: ± 0.1 A.

Most operating temperature: 5 ~ +45 ℃.



  • Has a nice blue display
  • It has overload protection
  • Easy accessories
  • Get two footswitch modes
  • Great non-volatile memory


  • It might be hard to set up
  • Has quality complaints

3. The Aurora Colorful Tattoo Power Supply Voltage Transformer 

Aurora Colorful Power Supply

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To get a strong and stable current to operate any kind of machine this professional quality power supply will help you a lot.

This works perfectly with both rotary and coil tattoo machines.

And the best feature of this power supply is that dual tattoo machine can be attached at the same time.

It helps to allow the artist to connect both liner and shader together at the same time with a flip button on the power supply.

You can adjust the voltage according to your requirements using its ultra-bright digital meter.

This tattoo power supply has 1 power cord, 2 clip cord 8 feet long to connect dual tattoo machine together and 1 stainless steel flat foot pedal that is really a very good thing for users.

It is the best tattoo power supply for traveling. Due to its size, shape, and efficiency, it can be used as a professional backup power supply.

This power supply provides a strong, stable current to operate any kind of tattoo supply. It is compatible with all coil and rotary tattoo machines.

Power input voltage: You will get 120/220v.

Power output voltage: You will get 3volt to 18v dc output current flow.


  • Get strong magnetic
  • Automatic discoloration
  • Has jump-start mode feature for rotary tattoo machines
  • Get anodized aluminum housing
  • Nice color-changing voltage indicator
  • Get two-foot pedal modes


  • Only one rotating button to switch on of power supply

4. The Biomaser Hurricane Tattoo Power Supply

BIOMASER Tattoo Power

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This is one of the professional power supply in this industry. It comes with a variety of connector options.

That’s why you can use it with virtually all tattoo machines. It is adjustable based and compatible with most desks and workstations.

This is specifically designed to use with rotary tattoo systems.

It has a viewing-friendly angle screen for easy reading.

This model is a breeze to carry with its compact, lightweight design.

The feature of this one is the high-deceivability show. The advanced screen highlights splendid blue letters that are anything but difficult to prepare in any lighting.

The enormous numbers show you precisely what voltage yield you’re working with, killing the mystery and guaranteeing that you’re continually getting the correct setting for your machine.

When you’re working, the exact opposite thing you need is to stop to tinker with confusing catches and dials.

To enable you to change your settings rapidly, this machine includes enormous, simple to-peruse catches.

Clear names make it simple to decrease or expand the voltage; you can likewise switch among fixing and concealing with a snappy tap.

Or on the other hand, set aside to six distinct arrangements and pick your preferred alternatives rapidly.

Your presets are spared, so you can interface it to various machines without losing your settings.

The input voltage: 110V-240V AC50/60Hz. 

The output voltage: Get 1~20v (adjustment) DC 15V 1.5A. 


  • Really compact and portable.
  • Have easy-to-use buttons.
  • Get Illuminated display.


  • Few users’ have a bad experience with this.
  • I need to check yours carefully.

5. The Dual Tattoo Machine Power Supply by Dragonhawk

Dragonhawk Lcd Dual

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This is the best dual tattoo power supply machine offered by Dragonhawk.

It is reliable, handy, and suitable for every professional tattoo artist.

Most of the users love it because the machine is easy to set up.

 In some cases, it’s smaller than the customer’s expectation.

The Dragonhawk power supply machine includes a switch on the lower left-hand corner.

It has also an advanced ultra-splendid LCD screen which is incredible on the grounds that it gives a precise, straightforward readout, and a 120/220v change switch in the back.

It likewise has a 13 dial potentiometer and a power plug appropriate for your nation.

See the video:


  • It is easy to set up
  • Have an LCD screen
  • Has a conversion switch
  • It’s reliable
  • Really light


  • Have Quality complaints
  • It’s small for some users

If you’re looking to buy a new tattoo power supply and you haven’t bought one before, this guide is here to help. New power options keep being developed, and we’re here to help you make the best choice based on your power source and machine types. Staff artist Davey Arnold gives us his best tips and information on picking your next supply.

tattoo power suply infographics

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Know about the Types Of Tattoo Power Supplies

There are a couple of sorts of intensity supplies you’ll have to know so as to settle on your choice.

The most well-known sort you’ll see is the computerized power supply.

Advanced power supplies can arrive in an entire scope of sizes and shapes, yet they generally have a computerized presentation on them.

The computerized showcase gives you a perusing that is anything but difficult to see from a separation, so if your machine begins to misbehave during a session you can quickly tell if the power source is the issue.

Computerized power supplies can, for the most part, convey more voltage, up to 18V and past.

Simple power supplies are a marginally more established style and, similar to the name says, they utilize a simple presentation.

Simple showcases look a ton like an indicator or a compass face; they’re anything but difficult to see, however until you’re acquainted with understanding it, you’ll have to remain nearby to check your capacity levels.

While it used to be valid that simple power supplies kept going longer than computerized ones, new advanced supplies have basically shut the hole here.

At long last, the most current power supplies available are remote power supplies.

Remote connectors have been around for some time, yet we’re beginning to see local remote power supplies available.

These power supplies don’t have reception apparatuses or massive lines and you can pick which channel you need to associate them to your footswitch on.

The drawback to these set-ups is that they’re normally extremely costly to purchase as a total set. With a remote pedal, these terrible young men can run you well over $400.

Buying Guide for the Best Tattoo Power Supply

Like the best tattoo machine, tattoo needles and transfer paper, the tattoo power supply is very important for keeping that unit running at a peak state.

You have to consider six tips before buying the right tattoo power supply for your tattoo machine.

1. Think about Power Supply Voltage

A few basics you should consider before get a power supply.

You need to understand that power supplies come in a huge variety of voltage range outputs.

Few of these tattoo power supply devices run as low as three volts. And there are many that are capable of producing up to fifteen volts.

Portable or convenient power supplies are fit for running as low as 1 volt where the biggest units can without much of a stretch handle 15 volts.

2. Know the Power Supply Types

In addition to the voltage being totally different, on the market these days you’ll realize digital and analog tattoo power provide units that area unit in unregulated and controlled models.

Choosing the proper kind depends on your confidence level, essentially however well you’ll produce your design and the way a lot of you’ll afford.

The digital browse out is a lot of correct and far easier for you to read whereas you’re operating, however, they are available with the next tag.

The regulated kind tattoo power provides area unit pricey too however they are doing offer you with constant voltage albeit the machine isn’t in use.

3. Think about Power Supply Fluctuations

If you’ve got been operating during this trade for a few times, you’re already aware that you just can have to be compelled to apply totally different amounts of pressure throughout the work to allow the required look.

The power equipped by the facility offer can fluctuate counting on that pressure because the tattoo needles pierce the skin.

The regulated power offer can catch up on those fluctuations, whereas more cost-effective units won’t.

Consider this if you’re increasing your skills or conceive to be operating during this trade for several years to come back.

4. Know Details about Your Tattoo Machine

One of the items that you just ought to take into account once shopping for a tattoo power provide is your existing machine.

Some of the newer vogue tattoo power provides area unit solely suggested to be used with a coil operated the machine.

Whereas alternative provides will solely be used for a rotary tattoo machine.

Either opt for the ability provide that matches your machine or seek for a universal one that may be used on each within the event you alter your tattoo machine within the future.

5. Know The Number of Tattoo Machines

One of the most important issues once selecting a tattoo power to provide is what number of existing machines that you just can have in your look.

There a lot of machines you’ll attach to at least one power provide the higher for a variety of reasons.

Several seasoned tattoo artists value more highly to have one machine started for lining whereas another machine is at the prepared for shading.

The best sort of power provide can enable you to plug multiple devices in constant time, then merely flip a switch to maneuver the ability between them.

This supplementary convenience can enable you to buy just one power provider for your machines.

6. Consider Weight, Size, Portability Of The Best Tattoo Power Supply

Carefully take into account wherever you may be doing all your add respect to the scale and also the weight of the tattoo power provide.

They currently build power that provides that area unit compact for those artists World Health Organization travel and provides tattoos outside the look.

These traveling artists would like compact power provides that doesn’t compromise power.

If you may be doing most of your work removed from your look, take into account a provider that’s lighter in weight however still contains enough power to handle your employment.

Although these six tips about selecting the correct tattoo power provide area unit useful, your budget also will have an effect on the kind unit you buy likewise.

Some cheap units run as low as $40 or as expensive as $400 and better.

Carefully take into account the six tips initial, then notice a machine that falls into the value vary you’ll afford.

If you discover many machines that meet all of your wants as announce on top of, then begin eliminating them supported worth.

Know About Tattoo Power Supply And Foot Pedal

While mistreatment your digital power offer, it helps quite a bit to use a treadle to manage your voltage.

Since your cycle speed, stroke, and power area unit all tangled, you would like full management of your power offer in any respect times.

By employing a treadle for any of your digital tattoo power provides, you’ll alter your tattoo gun power offer while not holding go of your tattoo machine.

This quickens your tattoo session dramatically and makes the inking method feel rather more natural.

One major consider selecting to use a treadle is its skillfulness.

Rather like a tattoo bed or specialized tattoo chair helps you create your shopper snug, your treadle makes your job feel rather more natural and fully changes your expertise.

Moving completely different components of your body conjointly helps keep you from obtaining sore. 

What You Can Expect In The Best Tattoo Power Supply?

When the standard of your tattoo session depends entirely on the ability offer for tattoo guns that you just select, you’ve got to fastidiously assess all of your choices.

The most effective tattoo power offer is compatible with multiple styles of cables.

It permits the employment of each rotary and coil machines, accommodates quite one tattoo gun at an equivalent time, and provides you full management over your voltage.

Secondary attributes you ought to rummage around for area unit treadle compatibility, diode power readouts, multiple kinds of power management and surge protection.

The power to endure long sessions while not heating, and a color that appeals to you.

Since customizing your power offer subsequently to fit your style tastes will have unfortunate consequences relating to temperature and sterilization.

You wish to stay in a style you relish from the commencement.

This would possibly all appear to be plenty of options to seem for and that will be as a result of its.

However, you are doing not wish to stint out on your power offer.

Nothing causes your abdomen to drop quite losing power whereas within the middle of inking somebody.

Losing management attributable to power fluctuations conjointly sucks and affects the standard of your tattoo.

A heating power offer risks damaging itself over time and quickens the complete breakdown issue.

You wish to seem for the easiest tattoo power offer units out there, and that I review many below this priced in an inexpensive manner. 

How to Use Your Professional Tattoo Power Supply?

Now that you just have your tattoo power offer box, you’ll finally place it to use!

To start out with, let’s point out a way to attach a tattoo gun.

It’s a touch additional difficult than putting in a tattoo thermal apparatus, however even as essential to understanding.

You’ll find out about the small print here, however, the gist of it’s to form certain all of your cables area unit.

That is compatible along with your tattoo machine power offer, plug them into the properly labeled holes, and make certain the wires aren’t within the method of your work.

Use a treadle to regulate the voltage of your power offer while not interrupting work.

Learn that power settings work best for your explicit tastes—this varies from person to person!

Attach each your liner and shader to the machine and acquire accustomed shift between them.

In contrast to tattoo machines, you may want a knowledgeable to assist you out if you wish to form changes.

Avoid doing something like painting it or inserting stickers on it—this causes the machine to overheat.

Not solely can this create it fizzle throughout long sessions, however it risks doing permanent harm to the inner parts?

Learn the most effective thanks to sterilizing your power offer and every one the cables connected thereto, and voila!

You’ve down the complete tattoo power offer issue.


To sum up it can be said that you are now aware of the best tattoo power supply. I hope this article helps you a lot to find the right tattoo power supply for your tattoo machine.

If found this article helpful please share it with your friends.

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