best solar pond pumps

10 Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews 2024 [Buying Guide]

Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews and Buying Guide For You

Is there any person who does not love a beautiful garden yard?

I am going to tell you on a large floating solar pond fountain.

Since striking an outdoor arena is a sure solution that will portray the great sense of taste of any owner.

best solar pond pumps

If you are a person who is revamping your garden area or a corner in your home with a fish tank, one great decision you can never great making is opting for a solar-powered pond pump. 

The process of choosing the best solar pond pump can, however, be a bit tricky but you do not have to worry. 

In this guide, we did come with the best 10 pond pump reviews after four weeks of research where we analyzed over 30 pond pumps and consulted 6 pond pump experts.

We also asked different pod pump users on their take before coming up with our list.

We also looked at things to consider when shopping for the best pond pumps.

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What is a Solar Pond Pump?

 Solar pond pump refers to an eco-friendly alternative to electricity or a battery pond pump. 

This pump is usually placed on a pond shelf or ledge upon the liner of the pond.

They are much more expensive when compared to the conventional mains powered pond.

Their high cost is attributed to the extrasolar panel cost. 

However, they are much cheaper on a long term basis.

These pumps do collect solar energy directly from the sun and are absorbed through the pumps which are attached to the photovoltaic panels.

It is also possible to use the pond pump to aesthetically improve a pond. 

How does a Solar Pond Pump work?

Water gets into the birdbath fountain directly from the pump.

The pump determines the direction where the water flows.

It is also possible for one to maneuver the pump in order to determine the water direction and height. 

The energy gets from the sun is what makes it operate consistently.

Why Do I Need a solar pond pump?

The solar water pump does come with a number of benefits that make it a better alternative to the conventional electrical pumps.

Below are some of the reasons why you need a solar pond pump.

Easy Installation

The solar pond pumps do compromise of a pump, a connector, solar panels, solar water pump system, an electric motor and cables that offer easy and fast installation.

The only requirement you will need is space.

Uninterrupted Water Supply

Provided the sun is still shining, you will always have a steady water supply whenever you are using the solar pond pump.

Greater Reach

 Since the solar pumps don’t use man-made energy, it offers them a greater reach when compared to the other types of pumps.

They can easily be installed anywhere be it in a remote region or in an urban area where the grid power is unavailable and irregular.


Although the initial cost of purchasing a solar water pump can be much higher when compared to an electrical system, the solar-powered water pump does not use any electricity and it does have a low cost of maintenance as it will pay for itself over time.

10 Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews

Let’s dive in!!

Video reviews of best solar pond pumps:

1. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Pond Pump Review (Large solar pond pump)

Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Pond Pump

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 Do you admire birds and want to make a contribution to their lifestyle?

The Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Pond Pump which is an energy-efficient pond pump will help you achieve that.

All you have to do is grab the unit and set it anywhere inside your garden. 

This pond pump does have a 10 ft long cable which will help in ensuring the job is well done.

It achieves this by allowing the solar panel to remain under the sky and absorb most of the sun rays.

Several attachments will enable you to be creative in a single fountain at different times of the day.

It does have a neutral design which will ensure it blends with any décor. It comprises of three nozzles, hence, it is possible for you to choose the pattern of spray you will like best. 

There are customers who have reported that the foundation is very powerful despite not being big and it continues holding up season after season.

Do expect an easy installation procedure since no extra tools will be required during the process. 

There is nothing that is so multipurpose than enhancing the beauty of the outdoor and indoor arena.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy to install
  • Has a 10 ft cable that allows for preferable setup distance
  • Can start working immediately under the sun


  • It is small in size hence not that powerful

2. Ankway Solar Pond Pump Review (Best solar pump for the large pond)

Ankway Solar Pond Pump

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Just like any other type of solar pump, the Ankway Solar Fountain Pump was made with lots of consideration in having an eco-friendly pond pump in mind. 

However, there are lots of other features that have made this pond pump to be among the best pond pumps currently available in the market for your garden fountain.

It does have a basic design pattern and has no requirement when it comes to connecting with plugs.

It will never take any toll to be moved wherever or whenever you want as it becomes easy on the eyes.

It is available in eight different styles which make it unique for different uses. 

You can always set it on your garden and let the birds play splashing water.


  • It does have a durable and brushless motor that can deliver up to 10,000 service life hours.
  • Has a suction cup that helps in reducing fountain movement
  • Cleaning it is very easy
  • It is available in up to eight different styles.


  • Lacks a battery system to help in powering the fountain
  • Can stop working as the shade rolls in just like the other solar pond pumps

3. Solariver Solar Water Pond Pump Review (Best floating solar pond pump)

Solariver Solar Water Pond Pump

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Do you have a large water body or a large fountain in mind?

You will require a strong pond pump with a large capacity. 

The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit is among the best pond pumps you will have to look out for in the market.

The pump makes use of a submersible brushless magnetic that helps in channeling the water of your source.

It is a very durable pond pump and can perform longer cycles of up to 20,000 hours.

It is difficult to sustain any breakdowns and it is not that expensive.

 It does have a removable pre-filter that spars your impeller from experiencing any type of clogs.

It is also a very competent pond pump and helps in doing away with any type of impurities from the water. 

It is also a non-toxic pond pump to any type of marine animal together with other types of aquatic life.

The pump is in a position of pumping water to greater heights of up to 10 ft under the right conditions.


  • It moves water efficiently and quickly
  • It helps in saving on the expensive energy bills
  • Comes with a robust customer care


  • It is a bit costly
  • Frequent upgrades might be required

4. ASC 1.3-watt Solar Pond Pump Review (Best small solar pond pump)

ASC 1.3-watt Solar Pond Pump

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The ASC 1.3-watt Solar Pond Pump is an advanced product that comes with a remote controller and timer control unit.

You can use it either during the day or at night making it a flexible solar pond pump.

One can easily create great water spray patterns at the outdoor fountain without any extra costs of the power bill. 

It features multiple water sprayers and four levels of water flows that enable you to set up cool water features inside your stream or garden pool.

Its battery pack makes it possible to store power that will enable the pump to continue working during the night or on a cloudy day.

The manufacturer claims that the power backup is capable of running the pump for several hours. 


  • It is perfect for large ponds and streams
  • There are several variants available in different capacities
  • Has a 10.3-watt solar panel
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • It is expensive when compared to other models.

5. Anself Solar Pond Pump Review (Best solar panel pond pump)

Anself Solar Pond Pump

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The Anself High-power Solar Fountain Pump has been approved in both the RoHS tests and CE tests. 

It is known to be eco-friendly and does save water from being overused. 

It helps the soil in remaining drenched for the sake of its fertility.  

It makes the surrounding environments to become pleasing and mild to feel.

 Its low carbon features are what make it stand out from the huge varieties of pond pumps in the market.

It only takes a total of three seconds to come into action.

One thing one is supposed to do is direct the bright sunlight rays to its panel.

If you are in need of an energy-efficient pond pump for other tasks other than irrigation purposes, you will still enjoy this pond pump.

 It does have six water outlets caps which make worldwide users enthralled thanks to its artistic water flow ways.


  • It comes with an easy to understand user manual
  • It auto starts when sunlight reaches it
  • Come with 10 extra equipment pieces included
  • It will not take more than three seconds to start working
  • Pushes the right amount of water


  • Can stop working after only a few weeks

6. ECO-WORTHY Solar Pond Pump Review (Best solar pond fountains)

ECO-WORTHY Solar Pond Pump

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 When you keep the pond pump running for a long time, the engine becomes high tempered stealing the units’ lifespan. 

However, when you invest in an ECO-WORTHY Solar Pond Pump, you do not have to worry as it comes with an anti-salt corrosion and motor cooling technology features.

This pond pump does rank high when it comes to delivering pressure and volume.

It is possible to use it both in salty and freshwater applications thanks to its anti-corrosion and anti-salt features.

It does have a small overall design and is compact providing it with the least weight.

Carrying and operating it is much easier.

The pump also features a completely unique motor cooling technology that assures you of long service life.

 It is also in a position to flow high amounts of water and has an adaptable hose that helps in guiding its head towards the right direction. 

Its heavy-duty aluminum construction is another great feature this pump has which makes it excellent among different users.


  • It low in iron
  • It has a durable aluminum framework
  • It is capable of breaking free operation
  • It is ideal for washing, farming, and draining works


  • Its switch can be met when it is under heat

7. Sunnydaze Solar Pond Pump Review (Best solar pond pump and filter)

Sunnydaze Solar Pond Pump

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Do you already have an electric water pump but still willing to turn into a solar-powered pump?

Then you have to think of no other pump than the Sunnydaze Décor which is what you all need. 

This pond pump comes with an adapter that is capable of converting your existing pump into a solar model.

In regard to power, it is possible to depend on it for making a very powerful flow of water at a speed of 132 gallons within 60 minutes.

 While you are doing that, the fountainhead size that you prefer choosing can have up to 56 inches.  

The adaptability of its two different styled heads will make the process of customizing it much easier for any user. 

In order to make all your movement with the panel smooth, you will have to include a 16 ft cable together with the package.

It comes with a one year warranty period which makes it even a better pond pump for any user.


  • It has a great customer care service
  • Comes with an extended cable
  • It comes with a one year warranty period
  • It has a 132 GPH heavy water flow


  • The suction cups do come out frequently

8. Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar  Pond Pump Review (Best solar pond pump kit)

Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar  Pond Pump

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The Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar Pond Pump does come with an integrated light kit together with a battery backup. 

This pond pump does have a maximum flow rate of 132 gallons per 60 minutes and is capable of spraying water up to 56 inches high. 

For sure, this is an excellent solar-powered pump.

It’s battery backup when it is fully stored will run your pond pump for up to four hours without any sunlight.

It is an excellent pond pump for helping one get more pump action during the day although the battery will not have a sufficient amount of energy to allow for progressive 24-hour pumping. 

It is important that you always keep that in mind as a requirement for your pon.

It also comprises built-in LED lights which will only run during the night and turn off automatically at the day to help preserve energy.

This kit also comprises a battery backup, solar panel, an LED light, a 77-inch cable to help in connecting the solar panel to the battery, a 132gph submersible pump, two fountain spray heads, and a 4 by 3-inch fountain extension tubes.


  • Has a battery back up
  • Can keep the pond freezing without electricity
  • Hs a built-in LED fountain light


  • It is only suitable for small ponds

9. Solatec Solar Pond Pump Review

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This is an environment-friendly and free-floating water pond pump.

It comes with a sunlight driven solar panel.

It is one solar water pump that will never require any external energy like electricity or battery.

It will start working the moment the rays of the sun hits the solar panel.

Its solar panel is made of Polycrystalline Silicone.

Polycrystalline is made of great quality silicone.

It is also a waterproof and weather-resistant product.

Its solid construction and frostiness make it a completely invincible to any type of weather.

The pump is for a small pond, birdbath, fish tank, garden, and circulation of water for oxygen.

It does work as an eye-pleasing and decorative piece inside the garden catching all people’s attention.

It does comprise of four different nozzle heads that are attached to the pump.

It does come with one large suction cup that has a long fishing line that ensures the pump is held in place.


  • It is a very eco-friendly pump
  • It is a multipurpose pump
  • Has four different nozzle heads
  • It floats on water


  • The suction cups do not adhere well

10. The Feelle Solar Pond Pump Review (Best solar pump for the large pond)

Feelle Solar Pond Pump Review

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Are you in need of a solar pond pump that will help in creating a grand visual display with your fountain water?

Then the Feelle Solar Pond Pump is the number one pump you need to think of having.

This pond pump features six different types of spray heads which enable on to transform the shape, size and water direction they wish thereby creating a completely unique water show effect.

It is also possible to change different types of attachments that are around until you get one that offers the right flow of water.

Ensure that you do expose the fountain to direct sunlight to help in ensuring the best possible performance.

The water spray height is also affected by the sunlight amount which is gathered so the pump can create some great displays.

The water can move at a height of 18 inches as the maximum water coverage is 32 inches in diameter.

It is much easier to install the solar pump to power the fountain and you will not require any special knowledge or expertise.


  • It does offer 32-inch water coverage
  • It enables water to spout up to 18 inches high
  • The pump will start operating three seconds after installation
  • It is a very versatile pump


  • A bit expensive

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Pond Pumps

Are you on the market shopping for the best solar pond pump?

There are important factors you need to consider before you make your final decision. 

Any person will want to invest in a solar pond model that is effective at converting and collecting the energy of the sun to help in powering your birdbath fountain.

Below are some important features you need to consider when shopping for the best solar pond pumps.

Pump Size

The size of the solar pond pump you choose will determine the size of the fountain itself.

Going for the right size of the solar pond pump will need you to keep certain important factors in like water quantity that you will like to have pumped.

This is because there are low volume units that can spout the small water amounts.

The solar pond pump size will also determine how high you are able to regulate the amount of water. 

For instance, a small water pond pump des have dimensions of 18-24 inches and is capable of circulating 45-60 gallons of water within 60 minutes.

In case you are in need of a model that will circulate water from the pond, it is advisable that you go for a 60-72 inch unit. 

This unit will also be in a position of circulating 160-250 water gallons in a single day.

Location to Place the Pump

The location where you will place the solar pond pump will mainly depend on your preferences.

Will you be interested in having the pump remain hidden away?

You will then have to go for a model with long wiring that will make it possible for you to have it connected to the fountain and thereafter hide the solar panel away from view.

As you do all this, ensure that it is not shaded from the sun since it does require full sun exposure for it to work well.

If you never mind having the solar panel being placed next to the fountain and you are interested in showing off how energy-efficient and eco-friendly your home is, all you have to do is have it situated next to the birdbath water fountain.

The good thing is that we do have some well-designed units out there that do have bird-like patterns or flower pot that will make it look more like a decoration for outdoor.

The time when you will be using the fountain

The solar pond pumps do differ in terms of the amount of time that they have to be switched on a day to day basis.

For instance, there are fountains that are capable of staying on for 24 hours while there are units that are switched off at night and do operate only during the day.

In case you do have a 24-hour model, then it is appropriate that you invest in a solar pond pump capable of storing energy in a battery that is rechargeable so that it does have a power source that will be drawn whenever the sun is not out. 

It will also require more energy that the birdbath which goes off during the night.

Water Capacity of Max Flow

Most pumps are known to have several max flows depending on the voltage used in running them. This will generally be referred to in gallons per 60 minutes. 

It will help reveal the water capacity the pump will be able to send within one hour.

In the case of larger ponds and fountains, you will require a higher max flow.

When using the small birdbaths and fountains, that will not be of great concern.

However, you will still have to check to ensure it is doing what you need.

Solar Panel Wattage

The solar pond pumps do come with a solar panel meaning you will be stuck with whatever type of wattage panel that will be included.

Ensure that the panel is strong and able to power the pump under the current climate conditions.

Cord Length

The cord length will help in determining how far you can have the solar panel positioned.

If your pond or fountain is in a shady spot, you will have to measure how far away you will have to place the panel so that it can power the pump.

It is important that you always anticipate a little more length will be required.

For example, if your fountain is 6ft from the sunny spot, ensure that you get the cord that is of 8 inches in length.

Max Head

Max’s head refers to the maximum height at which the pump water will be able to shoot into the air. 

It means that when you are getting a pump for a 4 ft tall fountain, you will have to get a max head to be at least a number of inches higher than that or the water will not get out of the fountainhead.


In most cases, a pond pump will need to run 24 hours a day which is a lot of work.

In case your pump pond breaks down or even if it overheats, it can be a huge pain and it can cause lots of problems to your fish.

However, this is an issue that can easily be avoided by purchasing a top-quality pump that will enable you to get the work done. 

Reliability is important when we talk about pumps. 

Any pump that offers a reliable and lengthy manufacturer warranty will be great for a hassle-free future.

Energy Efficient

It is not only the initial purchase cost that you will have to pay, but there are also monthly electrical bills that you will incur. 

The powerful and high-end pond pumps will cost much more to run compared to the low-end pond pumps.

However, that is not to say that you cannot still make any savings.

There are pond pump models that are more energy efficient compared to others. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Solar Pond Pumps

Q: Who invented the solar pond pumps?

Ans: The solar pond pumps were invented by Bryan Davis. 

The innovation of the solar-powered pond pumps did see him being voted the youngest innovator of the year. 

This innovation did come in the form of his startup where he was helping the peasants to get access to water from the grid by use of a renewable energy source.

Q: Do the solar fountains work well?

Ans:  Solar fountains do work well.  The solar power does change itself into the same energy that a battery or an electric connection is meant to serve.

The entire process does start with sunlight absorption by the panel which will, in turn, help the fountains to perform the rest.

Q: How long does water well with a solar pond pump last?

  Ans: The number of years it will last will be determined by the frequency of us. If you do overuse the solar pump, you will have to replace it after 8-10 years.  

When you regulate its usage, the solar pump can last for several years. It can take up to 15 good years before you decide to replace it.

Q: Do you know the science that is behind the solar pond pumps?

Ans: The solar photovoltaic which is also referred to as the solar PV system does lie in the core of this entire process.  It is responsible for converting solar power into electrical energy that will help in triggering the pump. 

By use of this single technique, it is possible to pump water out from any source be it in a canal, stream, well or pond.

Q: Do you have any idea how much a water pump will cost?

Ans: When you decide to go for an all-inclusive package that contains both the pump and the solar panels, you will have to invest more cash. 

When the rays of the sun are far from the fish or fountain tank where you intend to adjust the pump, the cost that comes with buying the connection tools will need you to dig deep into the budget.

Q: What type of solar pond pump do I require?

Ans: It is advisable to have the ponds have a circulation of water after every hour. This basically means that you will be in need of at least 1000 GPH type of pump that can contain up to 1000 gallons of water. 

All the ponds are unique and the ones that do have a pressurized filter will also have to be turned after every 120 minutes.

Q: Between a solar ponds powered pump and an electrical pond pump, which one should I choose?

Ans: In case you are interested in a power fountain in the backyard pond, there are people who will see the solar pumps as sufficient. 

In case you are interested in lowering the main filtration system inside a koi pond, I can assure you that you will not be happy with the results since the koi ponds do require constant filtration.


 We do hope that we have provided you with the right type of knowledge that will enable you to purchase the right type of solar pond pump. 

Ensure that you do compare the functionality, price, and features of the solar pond pumps before you make a decision on the suitable one. 

All the models we have reviewed are similar in design and function hence, any of them will serve your needs well.

I hope you all love this article on the best solar pond pumps. Please share these articles with your friends.

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