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Top 10 Best Pond Filter Reviews 2020 [Buying Gide]

Best Pond Filter Reviews Helps To Find Righ One For You

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Having a pet is a great idea but taking care of them might be a tough job sometimes.

You need to take care of feeding them the appropriate food and a nice and clean place to stay.

When it comes to fish as pets, maintaining the environment for your fish should be your priority.

best pond filter

Don’t worry, thanks to the modern era, there are convenient devices available to provide your pet with the perfect environment without any hassle.

Fishes usually, when kept as pets, live in a pond or a water tank their whole lives.

Hence, having that place cleaned up for them to survive is your duty.

To save you from the hassle of manually cleaning the pond, pond filters come to the rescue.

These modern devices are lifesavers when it comes too quickly and efficiently clean your fish pond.

What is a pond filter?

A pond filter acts as a cleaner for your pond.

It utilizes biological filtration and gets rid of various harmful toxins like ammonia and nitrates in the water.

Hence, your fish pond remains squeaky clean which guarantees the best environment for your fishes to breathe in.

There are a lot of pond filters available in the market.

If you are buying your pond filter for the first time, you will certainly get confused between the different choices.

To get you one of the best pond filters, we have compiled a list of the top 10 pond filters that you can consider before buying a pond filter.

Why do I need a Pond filter?

If you wish to have a pond or already have one, then one crucial factor that you need to be extra considerate about is the quality of the water, to be precise, the hygiene of the pond water.

You can’t filter or keep the pond clean manually and require a pond filter to keep your pond water clean.

You need to get yourself a Pond filter if you are looking to maintain a beautiful, clean, and healthy pond.

There are various pond filters available in the market.

We have sorted a list of the best possible option for you.

Pond filter is a useful tool for maintaining a healthy and clean pool.

We tend to add several vibrant fish and plants to our ponds for a refreshing outlook.

Just like every other living species, fish produces waste in the water.

For that purpose, the pond water requires proper filtering and cleaning.

Pond filters introduce the required amount of oxygen into the water, thus ensuring clean, bright, and algae-free water.

The waste produced by pond fish turns into nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia which if not removed, become unhealthy for the aquatic inhabitants that reside in your pond.

This is an essential product that does the work of straining and removing solid waste and other wastes produced by the aquatic inhabitants of your pond.

Top 10 Best Pond Filter Reviews

1. OASE BioSmart – The best choice

OASE BioSmart

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This one is so far the best pond filter that you can get.

It is great for medium-sized ponds with the average fish load.

It comes with a multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration system.

It works by passing the water through different filter foams which eventually creates beneficial bacteria for the fish.

In addition to this, it efficiently converts ammonia and harmful nitrates with ease.

It has some decent features including a large filtration capacity, built-in cleaning mechanism, along with a water gauge.

You can use it for a long time without cleaning it.

However, there are indicator lights on the filter that turns on telling you that the filter needs a little bit of cleaning.

You can filter up to 5,000 gallons of water through the OASE BioSmart Pond Filter.

The best thing about this filter is that it is quite convenient to use.

With the user-friendly cleaning indicators along with the sludge drain feature, you can efficiently maintain the environment of your pond.

It won’t be inaccurate to say that it is one of the best pond filters available in the market.


  • Great pond size
  • It has a temperature gauge
  • Simple setup
  • Comes with an automatic cleaning system
  • Worth the price
  • Great user ratings and reviews
  • Easily accessible sludge drain
  • Powerful filter


  • The outtake is bit flimsy, pops off sometimes
  • You have to provide connections for the outflow

2. Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL – Runner up

Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL

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If you have a small pond and are tight on budget, the Goplus 4000GAL pond filter is certainly the best pond filter for you.

It is a small pressurized pond filer system that works quite efficiently for a wide variety of ponds.

The major plus point which goes this product second place on the top 10 pond filters list is the 13-watt UV clarifier.

It eliminates the parasites and harmful bacteria in the pond by taking advantage of the slow water flow.

The UV purifier is not available in a lot of its competitors which makes it superior to them.

It comes in canister housing which makes it quite easy to clean it whenever required.

By using this pond, you will have a nice clean pond within a few days and your pet fishes will have the best quality environment to live in.


  • Comes with a 13-watt UV filter
  • Quite easy to maintain and clean
  • Best for small ponds
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Not suitable for crowded pounds as it is poor when it comes to oxygenation
  • Complaints of the leaky filter housing

3. POND BOSS Filter Kit with Pump

POND BOSS Filter Kit with Pump

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The Pond Boss Filter Kit is a great 2-in-1 solution for your pond.

It has a filter as well as a pump and they both come in a kit.

This product might be useful for you if you have a small pond.

It is cheap, affordable, and convenient to use. Once bought, it saves your money due to its energy-efficient feature.

The 23w pump runs smoothly on an average of 1-2 dollars per month which is quite cheap.

It comes with a 2 stage biological and mechanical filter system.

It can help in the growth of beneficial bacteria utilizing the biological filter while keeping your pond nice and clean from any sort of debris.

The kit, in addition to pump and filter, comes with a fountain water spray nozzle, a few nozzle extensions, as well as a diverter valve.

In addition to this, the kit has a warranty of 1 year which means you can give it a try without worrying about anything.


  • 2-in-1 kit at an affordable price
  • Best energy-efficient pond filter kit
  • Long power cord, 16 ft.
  • Comes with a fountain aeration system
  • A large collection of products at a small budget
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Extremely lightweight. You need to weigh it down with something to prevent it from floating
  • Not suitable for large ponds

4. CNZ All-in-One Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer

 Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer

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If your pond has free-floating algae in addition to harmful parasites, this all-in-one pond filter system is the solution that you need to consider.

The 13 watt UV sterilizer efficiently removes the harmful bacteria and parasites from your pond.

In addition to this, the pond filter comes with a three fountain water feature that beautifies your pond.

The device works perfectly even in complex water systems.

It controls the flow of the water and filters it to perfection.

The water is filtered by passing it through several pond filters including the foam filters that help in producing beneficial bacteria.

This pond filter is rated at about 660 gallons per hour.

A downside, while not a big problem, is that the system has no warranty included.

However, it is a quite high rated product with minimal complaints.

Hence, you can consider putting your money on this triple biological filter system.


  • 3 filters – mechanical, UV, and bio.
  • Comes with 3 different spray nozzles
  • Great for removing algae from your pond
  • Good for small ponds
  • Worth the price


  • Comes with no warranty
  • Complaints of UV bulb not working

5. AquascapeBioFalls 1000 Filter for Pond

AquascapeBioFalls 1000 Filter for Pond

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If you want to have a waterfall feature in your pond, the AquascapeBioFalls is an excellent option for you in this case.

This pond filter comes in a variety of different sizes including 1000, 2500, and 6000. Each of these sizes comes with a larger spillway lip respectively.

The filter cleans the water by passing it through a series of mechanical and biological filters.

The biological filter help in the production of beneficial bacteria for your fishes.

The max flow rate of this filter is about 3000 gallons per hour.

It comes with all the things that you need to get it running conveniently and quickly.

Another good thing about this pond filter is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hence, you don’t have to think twice while putting your money on this product.


  • Biological and mechanical filters
  • Industry-leading lifetime product warranty
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Durable rounded shape
  • Detachable spillway lip


  • Need to buy bio balls separately
  • No UV filtration

6. XtremepowerUS Koi Pressure Pond Pump Filter UV Sterilizer

Koi Pressure Pond Pump Filter UV Sterilizer

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This is a pond filter that is suitable for a pond of 400 gallons capacity.

Its max flow rate is 10,000 liters per hour.

You can easily set it up and start using it within a short period.

This one is quite useful if you are looking for a pond filter that can remove mechanical wastes from your pond.

You can buy it at a cheap and affordable price which makes it economical as well.

It also has the UV sterilizer that can help in removing any sort of parasites and harmful bacteria from the pond.

Talking about the build quality, the XtremepowerUS pond filter is solid, durable, and lasts long.

It also comes with bio balls which are quite useful when it comes to pond filtration.


  • Quite easy to install and use
  • Has Ultra-Violet light bulb
  • The build quality is great
  • Works efficiently when it comes to cleaning turbid water
  • Great for small ponds with up to 400 gallons of capacity


  • Complaints were made about certain design flaws
  • Some users complained about water leakage to the UV compartment
  • Very short warranty of 3 months

7. TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit

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This filtration fountain kit by TetraPond is a suitable filter for smaller ponds.

It can create amazingly beautiful fountains in small ponds.

When you purchase this kit, you will get a 325 gallons per hour pump along with a flat box filter.

 It has a diverter assembly and a swivel adjuster in the kit as well.

In addition to this, you get 3 fountain attachments that are frothy, bell, and spray pattern.

You can use it to set up the pattern of your choice to beautify your garden pond.

You also get a fine pad, tubing as well as fitting for the pump connection.

For the best results, you need to submerge it. 

However, the flat box filter is expected to float but you can put a rock or something on top of it for holding it down.


  • You can easily control the size of the spray and change the height of the fountain
  • 3 different kits are available. Choose the one according to the size of your pond
  • A wide range of accessories available in the kit
  • Comes with 3 years of service warranty


  • Not efficient for larger ponds
  • Issues in crowded ponds
  • Comes with poor instructions

8. TetraPond 26596 Waterfall Filter

TetraPond 26596 Waterfall Filter

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You can attach this water filter to an external or submersible pump to create a beautiful waterfall for ponds for about 1,000 gallons ponds.

This pond can provide you mechanical as well as biological filtration.

However, you will have to buy the biological filtration media separately with the purchase of this waterfall filter.

It is a quiet and eco-friendly filter system which is suitable to be used with open-profile bio-activators for producing beneficial bacteria while removing harmful nitrates.

It can give an attractive look to your garden pond due to the beautiful extra-long spillway.

For the best results, you will be needing a pump that has a flow rate between 500 gallons to 4,500 gallons per minute.


  • The huge waterfall created by this water filter improves water aeration
  • Quite cheap and affordable
  • Great biological and mechanical filtration performance
  • Beautiful waterfall due to the extra-long spillway
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Good for small ponds. Not suitable for medium or larger ones
  • Need to purchase tubing separately
  • No biological filtration media included
  • Complaints regarding standard size tubing connection to the filter

9. TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier

TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier

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This one is not cheap but it is worth the money to some degree.

First of all, a trusted pond filter company, TetraPond, manufactures it.

It comes in three different versions which you can choose among depending on your pond size.

It has the 3 filters that are responsible for completely and efficiently cleaning your pond – mechanical, biological, and UV.

It can handle up to 1500 gallons of water quite easily.

You can easily clean it due to the backflush valve feature.

The drawback is that the instructions included for using it are poor.

If you don’t know how to use the backflush valve, the instructions won’t prove much helpful.

The product comes with 2 years of warranty as well. 


  • Effective cleaning
  • Comes with a backflush valve for filter media cleaning
  • It comes with a UV clarifier
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty


  • Does not come with clear instructions
  • Quite expensive
  • Complaints of water leaking into the UV compartment

10. TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter

TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter

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If you have a pond with a capacity of up to 500 gallons, the last but not the least pond filter on the list might prove effective for you in that case.

It does not come with a pump, however, it is compatible with a wide variety of pumps.

You can use 200 gallons per hour to 2000 gallons per hour pump with this flat box water filter.

You have to fully submerge it into the water for it to run effectively.

However, you might need a rock or something to hold it down like some other flat box filters to prevent them from floating.

It comes with filter pads, tubing, tubing fittings, filter-to-hose fitting, etc.

You don’t have to purchase a biological filter separately because this one will work perfectly.


  • Suitable to use in larger capacity ponds
  • Replaces biological filter, works efficiently in its place
  • Makes turbid water clearer
  • Quick and easy to reassemble after cleaning


  • Can be tricky when connecting to an external pump
  • Not suitable for small ponds
  • Lightweight floats around in the water

Types of pond filters

Pond filters can remove dirt, debris, and algae in a pond along with assisting in the production of beneficial bacteria through a certain filter.

If you have a pond that you want to buy a filter for, there are several pond filter types to choose from.

Here are the most common types of pond filters that you can choose from to get you one of the best pond filters which are suitable for your pond.

Pond Skimmer filter

A skimmer filter works quite efficiently and is suitable for almost any sized pond.

It can work perfectly in ponds having a capacity of 250 gallons to more than 1000 gallons.

These types of pond filters are installed at the water level right outside the pond liner.

The main job of a skimmer filter is to remove any sort of debris that is at the surface of the pond.

Eliminating debris, before it goes down to the surface and decomposes, saves the pond water from being gross, mucky, and smelly.

The filter does its job by continuously taking in the surface water and collecting any sort of debris.

These sorts of filters are necessary for your pond whatever the size of your pond is.

Submersible filters

These are the most commonly used pond filter systems.

You can easily set up and install a submersible filter in your pond.

They are great when it comes to small ponds.

They filter the water by sitting on the bottom of your pond.

You can attach a submersible pump to these filters that are often included with the purchase.

The pump can be attached internally as well as externally.

These filters use mechanical or biological filters to purify the pond water from various problems.

They can also beautify your pond by a small waterfall or fountain.

Certain submersible pond filters come with a fountain kit as well.

Most of them come with the UV sterilizer for better purification of the pond water.

Pressure filter

The pond pressure filters are most commonly used in medium or small-sized ponds.

The pressure pond filters do their job of cleaning or filtering your pond by passing the water through a filter sponge which is efficient for collecting debris or small particles. 

This type of pond filter provides convenience and flexibility as compared to other pond filter types.

You can either place your pressure pond filter above the pond water line or simply submerge it completely into the pond water.

When buried in the ground, they can also beautify your pond by a waterfall effect.

Most of the pressure pond filters come with the Ultra-Violet effect.

The UV effect is responsible and effective in removing algae particles from pond water.

Most of them have the backflush function which makes it easy to clean the filter sponge.

They can work simultaneously with the pond skimmer filters.

Gravity filters

The gravity pond filters are external filters that are usually placed above the water level of the pond.

They accept the water that is pumped from the pond and after filtering it, the water returns to the pond due to gravity.

The best location to place them is at the edge of the pond.

They come with a reusable filter pad which means you can keep using these pond filters for a long time by changing the filter pad often.

You can easily install gravity pond filters and maintain them with ease.

They are quite efficient when it comes to handling debris loads as compared to the submerged pond filters.

Most of them come with a UV sterilizer which eliminates any sort of bacteria or parasites in the water.

However, the gravity pond filters require you to purchase a separate pump which most often included when it comes to submerged pond filters.


These types of pond filters are also known as filter boxes and are quite suitable when it comes to smaller ponds with a capacity between 200 to 500 gallons.

These typical sponge filters sit in the center of your pond and are attached to the pond pump which you need to buy separately. 

The Pre-filters are easily collect any sort of leaves, fish waste, debris, and string algae that is present in the pond water.

Installing a pond pre-filter is a good technique that can protect pond pumps and assist them in operating more efficiently.

They prevent clogs in the biological filters of your pump which makes it keep running smoothly for a long time.

Pre-filters are quite useful for preventing pond fish or other pond inhabitants from being drawn into the pump.

By using a pond pre-filter, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your pond fish.

Waterfall filters

These non-pressurized pond filters are meant to be placed above a certain pond’s water level.

You can efficiently use waterfall filters in any size pond.

However, when used in small to medium-sized ponds, the waterfall filters provide maximum performance and best results. 

Waterfall filters, usually, come with mechanical as well as biological filter media which means you can quickly set them up for cleaning your ponds for a better environment for your aquatic animals.

The best thing about this sort of pond filters is that they can enhance the beauty of your pond.

They can create beautiful waterfalls that will make your garden pond quite attractive.

They can also assist in increasing aeration on a pond which will make it cleaner and healthier.

UV sterilizers

They are not a pond filter but they play a vital role when it comes to pond filtration.

The Ultra-Violet Sterilization is an important, safe, and effective method to eliminate most of the water problems in the pond.

UV sterilizers can eliminate parasites and other harmful bacteria in the pond.

It can efficiently eliminate free-floating particles including algae, viruses, bacteria, and fungi by exposing high power UV lighting.

The UV lighting alters the structure of the tiny organic material.

The UV sterilizers are effective for any sort of pond.

No matter what the size of the pond is, UV sterilizers can eliminate waterborne bacteria, viruses, and gross green water.

A UV sterilizer is a must-have product when you are having fishes in your pond.

They ensure and maintain a nice and clean environment to prevent any sort of harmful diseases.

Best pond filter system

The gravity pond filter system is quite efficient and can be considered the best pond filter system.

The OASE BioSmart 5000 gravity filter is a decent pond filter that has excellent features.

Automatic cleaning system, temperature gain, easily accessible sludge drain, indicator lights, and other useful feature makes it the best pond filter system available in the market.

The price is perfect and suitable for this product as it is completely worth your money.

Tons of users are quite satisfied with this device and trust it with their pond.

Hence, you should check this product first before checking any other if you are planning to buy a pond filter.

Buying Guide on Pond Filter System

The pond filter system is an all-in-one kit to ensuring a clean, beautiful and healthy pond.

It just doesn’t come along with a pond filter; it is accompanied by various other necessary accessories.

The other basic accessories that pond filter system constitutes of are:

  • Pump: The filter pump helps in effective circulation of the pond water
  • UV Clarifier: The UV clarifier helps in clearing out the waterborne algae, bacteria, and other pathogens

The pond filter system comes in 3 different varieties:

  • In pond filter
  • Flow-through gravity filters
  • Pressure filters


Q: Do I require a pond filter for my pond?

Ans: If you plan to add fish to your pond then you definitely need to get yourself a pond filter. Just like every other living species, fish produces waste in the water.

Your fish will end up dying due to unhealthy water conditions if the waste isn’t removed from the pond every now and then.

The waste produced by pond fish turns into nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia which if not removed become unhealthy.

For the aquatic inhabitants that reside in your pond.

In order to remove the debris and waste from your pond, you are required to get yourself a pond filter because the cleaning can’t be done manually really.

 Pond filters introduce the required amount of oxygen into the water thus ensuring clean, clear and algae-free water.

This is an essential product that does the work of straining and removing solid waste and other wastes produced by the aquatic inhabitants of your pond.

Q: What is a biological filter?

Ans: A biological filter enables the various good bacteria to proliferate in the pond water and break down wastes present in the water.

Biological filtration is basically the work done by bacteria.

The bacteria efficiently break down dangerous ammonia, converting them to nitrites, and then the nitrites to the less toxic nitrates.

Nitrates can be harmful to the aquatic inhabitants of the ponds. The process of biological filtration, also known as the nitrogen cycle, involves the movement of harmful wastes through the filter.

Biological filters should be checked regularly to ensure particles have not escaped the mechanical filters, clogging the biological filter and decreasing efficiency.

Q: What are the best available ponds filters to get?

Ans: Just like every other pet, your fish requires great care as well. If you plan to keep fish, you need to be cautious regarding providing your fish with a clean and healthy water environment.

Your pet fish lives in your pond throughout so have to ensure getting the best and most suitable pond filters for them.

You need to thoroughly consider the number of your fish and pond size before choosing a pond filter.

We have compiled a detailed list of the best possible products that you may choose from when choosing a pond filter for your pond.

The best pond fish filters to choose from are:

  • OASE Biosmart 5000 Pond Filter
  • Go plus Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL with 13W UV Light
  • POND BOSS Filter Kit with Pump
  • CNZ All-in-One Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 660 GPH Pump Fountain Kits
  • Aqua cape Befalls 1000 Filter for Pond, Waterfall, Landscape, and Garden Features | 99774
  • Xtreme power US Koi Pressure Boi Filter Pond Garden Pond Pump Filter UV Sterilizer
  • Tetra Pond Filtration Fountain Kit, Includes 3 Fountain Attachments
  • Tetra Pond 26596 Waterfall Filter, Up to 1000-Gallon
  • Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier
  • Tetra Pond Submersible Flat Box Filter for Ponds Up To 500 Gallons

Q: What are the benefits of Pond filters?

Pond filters are essential products for all those who love and have ponds in their outdoor settings.

Those who have ponds know the significance of clean ponds quite well. Unclean ponds give a pungent smell and are harmful to the fish and plants that reside in it.

Pond filters basically clear out the water. It brings the balance to the pond by removing all the impurities from the water thus making it clean for the fish.

It maintains the bacterial balance in the pond’s ecosystem which is not achievable without it.

There are some filters that offer unique and beautiful designs, and they even serve as a decoration for the pond as well.

They are available in the form of a fountain, a waterfall, etc.

Q: What are the important factors to consider before buying a pond filter?

The most important factors that you need to consider before buying a pond filter are

  • Your Pond Size
  • The number of fish your pond has in it
  • The modes of filtration the pond filter offers
  • The water capacity it can filter
  • The duration takes to filter out the debris and impurities from your pond
  • Durability
  • Cost


Getting the best pond filter that is most suitable for your pond can be a tough task.

With a lot of decent high-rated pond filters available in the market, the decision always gets confusing.

However, if you first analyze your needs and your budget, you will surely be able to get the best and the most suitable pond filter for your pond.

Know your needs and the size of your pond. Shortlist some of the top pond filters to buy from.

Check out the ratings and reviews of all the products you have shortlisted.

Always compare the prices and check on various platforms.

The above list of the top 10 pond filters is something that you can consider when it comes to buying the best pond filter.

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