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Top 5 Best Lineman Boots for Climbing Poles Reviews 2024 [Buying Guide]

Best Lineman Boots for Climbing Poles Reviews Will Make Your Efforts Easy

Guys, Today I am going to find the best lineman boots for climbing poles and towers for you.

Every job is important to continue our livelihood. If you are a lineman your most of the day spends on climbing poles and towers.

best lineman boots

That’s why the best work boots for a lineman is very essential.

To climb a pole not an easy task for anyone. You need to take proper preparation for this. Good lineman boots will make your work easy.

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Which Boots are Best For Me?

In the event that you are a CATV Lineman who will climb shafts and can manage the cost of the best quality boots that cash can offer then you ought to get the Wesco’s or La Sportiva’s.

On the off chance that you are a Power Lineman climbing steel towers then you ought to consider the Ariat’s or Red Wing Boots most yet, in addition, consider La Sportiva’s as well.

Can’t bear the cost of anything over $200? At that point consider the Georgia Boots as they are the best modest boots for post climbers and ground laborers…

Obviously, there are a lot more lineman boot choices accessible.

Finding the best boots for a lineman is not always easy.

So let’s start the review.

5 Best Lineman Boots for Climbing Poles Reviews

Let’s dive in!

1. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot Review (Best Boots for Lineman)

Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger Boot Review

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Are you looking for the best lineman boots for climbing poles or towers? The redwing men’s iron ranger boot is the best solution for you.

It’s not only comfortable or easy to climb poles but also it is price consuming.

No doubt, these boots last for 3 to 4 years or even longer.

And this the best-selling boots on the market from red wing men’s category.

Any lineman will like the boots for their work.

The cowhide covering is common and of premium quality.

A few subtleties like high clean eyelets, snares, and complexity sewing have been added to give it a delightful completion.

The greatest issue with this boot is that it runs huge.

In this way, in the event that you mean to get it, go for one that estimates a half-size, not exactly your typical shoe size.

The Red Wing’s characteristic calfskin lies on a Nitrile Cork sole which is oil-safe.

In any case, the sole doesn’t have the forceful tracks you would expect for boots in this profession.

The insole gives an agreeable inside in spite of the fact that now and again the staples utilized in connecting it to the plastic can push up the calfskin, marginally bringing about a little knock.

 This doesn’t occur frequently, however, when it does, it turns out to be somewhat awkward.


  • Made with premium quality leather that lasts long
  • This is an American hand made
  • Really most durable boots for lineman
  • Has steel shank
  • A lot of room for toes
  • It is slip-resistant
  • Manly boot & handsome
  • Really very reliable


  • Be cautious when you make the order because it’s not true to size
  • To make them comfortable needs lots of oiling

2. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Work Boot Review (Best Lineman Boots for the Money)

best boots for lineman

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Everyone can afford this boot because it’s one of the cheapest boots on my list.

That’s why I listed it in the second position. And this is the best cheap lineman boots you can buy easily.

These boots offer incredible security in an up-to-date bundle.

The uppers of the boot are made of 100 percent cowhide or leather.

They have a profound chocolate shading and a couple of configuration signs that stick out.

With regards to execution and assurance, these boots don’t disillusion.

The soles are made of thick elastic and highlight long tracks for better footing.

There’s additionally a higher heel to help you as you climb. The whole boot is waterproof.

The uppers likewise reach out around eight crawls from the pole.

The more drawn out boot shaft permits offer more assurance from physical harm to your leg.


  • Affordable in price
  • Purely made of leather
  • Has 6 months of water-resistant
  • Steel shank & steel toe


  • Not long lasting more than 1 year
  • Not easy or comfortable to climb

3. La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot Review (Best for Both CATV Linemen & Power Linemen)

best lineman boots climbing

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The La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot is a very good quality boot made for outrageous workplaces.

The plushy inside bears a MtnFlex insole, an SBR Aircushion padded sole, just as a Honeycomb heel framework for greatest solace.

The covering contributes too to an agreeable inside by wicking dampness away from the feet.

This boot has astounding highlights that add to its strength.

Initially, the calfskin covering has a strong outside that can take blows for a considerable length of time without breaking separated.

The Idro-Perwanger calfskin repulses water along these lines keeping the boot dry for life span.

Notwithstanding being impervious, this boot still figures out how to permit some air into the feet for breathability.

For simple use, La Sportiva Mountaineering Boot accompanies locking D-rings and steel roller ball eyelets that make tensioning the bands a breeze.


  • The best option for Power linemen & CATV linemen
  • Most comfortable work boots
  • Easy to climb
  • Have support and traction for pole & steel tower climbing
  • Has protective Vibram rand
  • Very well made with 100% leather


  • Lasts not more than a year for lineman work
  • Not waterproof guaranty

4. Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Insulated Steel Logger Boot Review

best work boots for lineman

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As a lineman who climbs towers & poles regularly, you need the best boots that can deal with the strain of being in suspension mode for quite a while.

One right decision is the Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot.

Remain safe in any condition with these work boots from Chippewa.

The uppers are made out of 100 percent cowhide. The whole boot is waterproof.

The lines are altogether strengthened and secured to forestall water entrance.

On the base of the boots, you’ll locate a thick manufactured sole.

The sole highlights huge hauls for improved pulling forces.

There’s likewise a thick heel with a perceptible curve drop that assists with climbing.

Inside, the boots are protected. There’s additionally a Dri-Tex lining.

It serves to wick away perspire with the goal that you can remain agreeable for the duration of the day.


  • Ultra insulation for greater warmth and protection
  • Provides faster moisture elimination
  • Waterproof membrane to lock out water
  • Outsole design enhances braking
  • Kicking off
  • Stability & traction
  • Oil resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Provides proper support


  • After some time laces start to fray and would need replacement
  • Feels uncomfortable during the first few days because the boot expands

5. Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black Review (Best Lineman Boots for Climbing Poles)

best lineman boots for climbing

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Wesco is one of the most favorite lineman boots for all.

Wesco unquestionably has a demonstrated notoriety for being an agreeable boot to move in, since it is a standout amongst other selling and most surely understood brands of lineman work boots of all time.

CATV Linemen and Wesco boots have been long-lasting friends and in view of Wesco’s unwavering quality and quality.

These lineman boots enable you to move higher than ever effortlessly.

Lineman, arborists, utility laborers, circuit repairmen, and tree administration organizations have depended on the quality and wellbeing gave by these sixteen-inch climbing boots for quite a long time.

From the composite toe to full calfskin assurance, everything about these boots’ spells security.

Full welt development makes these lineman boots tough under every single extraordinary condition.

These boots meet and surpass all electrical and security guidelines recently put forward.

Somewhat angled steel shank accommodates a more elevated level of solace with the most help offered in any lineman climbing boot.

Additional calfskin half-slip permits more help for curves while climbing.

One-inch heels, hard toes, and substantial steel shank make a decent boot stunningly better.


  • Durable leather with high quality
  • NO negative reviews virtually
  • Made in the USA
  • The reliable brand for CATV linemen
  • Comfortable & smooth
  • Anti-Slip protection
  • One of the best work boots for CATV linemen for climbing poles


  • Really very expensive
  • Has long laces
  • Only Used for CATV lineman

Buying Guide: Few Thing to Consider Before Buying Best Lineman Boots

There are numerous lineman boots available today, and each will perhaps tout itself as the best choice for you.

In any case, while a few sets do end up being ideal for electrical works, numerous others will baffle.

In the event that you need to stay away from an awful encounter, this is the area to peruse.

How about we examine a portion of the fundamental things to remember when looking for the best post and tower climbing boots.

Know about Electrical Protection for Best Lineman Boots

In the electrical business, one wrong move could mean genuine damage, even life-threating.

Thus, consistently search for something that ensures a sensible degree of wellbeing assurance models (read source).

Lineman boots offer fluctuating degrees of insurance against electrical risks (EH) like stuns, heat, just as fire.

The most effortless approach to get some answers concerning this is by checking the EH appraisals.

You ought to get some information about the boots EH rating on the off chance that it isn’t found anyplace.

Learn about Waterproof

Purchasing a boot that can keep out water guarantees that your foot is shielded from undesirable contaminations.

Essentially, wearing soaked boots isn’t just awkward, however, the material will begin to lose its quality regardless of how extreme it is.

To know whether a boot repulses water, read the item depiction page.

Normally, the pair with the most solidified characteristic cowhide or an intensely oiled one is equipped for keeping water out.

Whatever you pick, make a point not to bargain breathability.

Danner Acadia Waterproof Boot is a fantastic case of work boots that joined both waterproof and breathability highlights.

Extra Durable

Solidness goes inseparably with the idea of material making up a boot. On the off chance that you need a couple that keeps going longer (sturdy and keep going long one), you’ll need to spend more on the hardest material of a boot.

Solace and adaptability are likewise fundamental highlights without both that solid quality would be aimless, as you most likely won’t pick boots that hurt your feet.

Quality Outsoles

Continuously pay special mind to the best quality outsoles. The correct choice ought to be rough, unbending, non-slip and oil-safe and have forceful tracks for appropriate footing.

It’s additionally basic that they be wide for better steadiness — a large portion of the boots in this survey made of elastic, polyurethane, and Vibram Quarry.


The material making up a boot can choose its quality, comfort level, and life span.

On the off chance that you are searching for a boot that will keep going for quite a long time, go for normal cowhide.

This material has a method for adjusting quality and solace.

Incomplete cowhide and a blend of manufactured material may not keep going long, yet you can depend on such a boot when needing choice comfort.

The absolute most favored material you’ll go over in lineman boots incorporate Cordura sleeve, polyurethane Air pad, SBR Aircushion, Vibram, and Perwanger Roughout.

Must Be Comfortable

For all intents and purposes, each boot in the shoe market is utilizing solace as its fundamental selling point. Here is the motivation behind why?

Regardless of how high the quality, if the boots are not happy to wear, nobody will utilize it.

For example, if the pair you purchased has a hard insole or internal parts, you will be compelled to set aside it off from effort to time; else, you experience the ill effects of foot torment.

Presently on the off chance that you need to realize what precisely supports comfort?

A decent quality insole produced using MtnFlex, polyurethane Aircushion padded sole, delicate cushioning, or Ruby Dri Lex lining.

The breathability includes likewise conveys a lot of weight with respect to comfort.


Shanks may not be fundamental for some boot structures, yet thinking about the unsafe idea of the electrical activity, the upper leg could utilize some insurance.

They are constantly an inviting reward that adds effectiveness to boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Take Care of Your Boots?

Ans: Nothing will wreck your boots quicker than a rehashed introduction to drying mud.

Additionally, boots left outside in the daylight or downpour will get destroyed entirely fast as well.

First, make sure to continually bring your boots inside and wash them off in the event that they have mud on them.

Next, you’ll need to take a hairdryer and dry them out however don’t get it excessively close, keep it at a fair separation or use a towel or put them alongside a warmer or a wood stove or put resources into a boot dryer.

After your boots have dried, you’ll need to wax them with boot wax that has honey beeswax in it since that will re-oil the boots normally, keep them shiny, re-fortify the calfskin to make it last more, and it’ll likewise waterproof the boot.

I for one prescribe utilizing the brand called “Otter Wax” the most.

Never under any circumstance put fade or any cleanser on boots or put them in a clothes washer.

Individuals have really done that and I don’t know you should possess boots or be a lineman on the off chance that you have really had a go at washing boots in a clothes washer previously!

Q: How to Increase the Comfort of Your Boots?

Ans: In the event that you’re working in a cool atmosphere, at that point I’d propose purchasing Heat Trapping, Insulated, and Thermal Socks to wear with your boots to keep your feet comfortable and warm while working throughout the day.

Your feet and head discharge the most temperature of anyone’s parts.

So it’s fundamental to keep your feet and head warm or else you could hazard getting a head cold, influenza, or some other medical problem.

The resistant framework is eased back increasingly more as internal heat level drops which is the reason it’s basic to remain warm while working throughout the day or else you’ll be progressively vulnerable to getting sick.

On the off chance that you’re boots are a piece too enormous or on the other hand excessively wide.

Possibly consider stuffing them with Pain Relief Insoles to make them progressively agreeable and to top off space.

Q: How to Properly Lace your Boots?

Ans: You need to take the string and put it through the gap from the outside as opposed to putting the string through the opening from within.

Why? Since when it’s totally bound and you have your strings tied.

In the event that they are bound from the outside to within, at that point it’ll fix the boot around your leg appropriately and bolster your lower leg, feet, and legs better.

On the off chance that you treat it terribly, inside to the outside.

It’ll fix messy, and the boots won’t be at their totally most ideal solace and backing!


To sum up it can be said that comfort is a must for working. We all look for comfort. So you need to keep in mind the cheap boots never give you quality performance.

To get comfort and safety you need to keep a quality budget in case of best lineman boots.

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