best four wheeler for kids

Top 10 Best Four Wheeler For Kids and Bikes Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Four Wheeler for Kids Choose The Right One

Four-wheelers have continued to be a common recreation tool and many parents are buying them for their kids.

Basically, kids’ 4 wheelers are smaller and have more safety features than average adult ones.

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best four wheeler for kids

The good thing is that kids 4 wheeler is made to be as fun as that of an adult.

A child’s four-wheeler is pricey than most typical gifts but it is a great investment for family fun.

Here’s a summary of top-rated four wheelers for kids. Browse the list and find the best four-wheeler for kids!

Best Four Wheeler for Kids and Bikes Reviews

1. The Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled review

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This is the best four-wheeler for kids.

The new and improved Razor Dirt Quad has fresh black styling and design making it perfect for your kids.

This great machine has a battery life of 250 charges/discharge cycles.

This means that your kids will enjoy a longer ride of up to 40 minutes without recharging it.

The battery can serve for years if well maintained by not storing it above 75 F or below -10 F.

It’s usually faster than normal battery-powered four-wheelers.

If your child hasn’t had practice riding before, then this may not be right for him.

This is because if they don’t know how to negotiate corners, the vehicle can easily flip.

The Razor Dirt quad electric four-wheeler is long-lasting and perfect for bad terrains.

It works well for children who see fun to ride it through water, rocks, mud, or sand.

The great four-wheeler has a metallic frame and is also driven by a metal chain.

It has a solid motor which is easy to replace.

It has a terrain tracing rear suspension with a coil shock which offers a smooth ride for your kids.


  • Adjustable riser handlebars.
  • Faster.
  • Durable.


  • Not convenient for learners.

2. The 12V Kids Ride-On 4-Wheeler Review

12V Kids Ride-On 4-Wheeler Review

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Perfect for all children who have a sense of adventure this kids’ car boasts of sizeable non-toxic plastic construction and all-terrain wheels.

It can be operated either by the steering wheel and remote control.

The remote control feature works well for younger kids who may not be safe to take the wheel.

The manual option is meant for older children who can ride on their own.

Kids will have added fun as they ride listening to music through the AUX input available on this wheeler.

It’s fitted with a horn making it good for children who ride in a busy park where other children could be playing.

The 14-inches traction on the best choice products 12V kids ride-on 4-wheeler w/ 2 Speeds features spring suspension systems to allow children to drive on surfaces with mud, gravel, grass, mud, and driveways.

This kids’ car has large LED lights that give it a more realistic appeal.

It also has two-speed options and a storage bin at the back for hauling toys or other gadgets!

Thanks to its 12-volt motor which attains a max speed of 4 MPH.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • A storage bin.
  • High and low-speed options.
  • Music system.


  • Gears easily get stripped.

3. The SMART DEALS NOW 110cc ATV 4 wheeler for kids Review

SMART DEALS NOW 110cc ATV 4 wheeler for kids Review

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The Brand New 110cc ATV with a fully automatic transmission is perfect for a beginner trail rider.

All they need is knowing how to turn this super machine using the handles.

With a rear hydraulic disc brake slowing or braking becomes easy even when speeding.

It also has a speed limiter, which guarantees your kid’s safety as it doesn’t over speed.

Its small size makes it easy to transport in case you want to take your kids to ride in the park.

The best thing about this wheeler is the remote control feature, and its price is relatively low compared to its high quality.

Anybody can easily assemble it following the instructions on the manufacturer’s guide.

It works for younger kids and older ones who could be 10 years or more.

This 4-wheeler is durable and is the right choice for children who are up to 100 pounds or more.

This high-quality ATV with a smooth and reliable 110cc engine allows your child an abundance of fun and memories!


  • Good for beginners.
  • Speed limiter.
  • High quality at a low price.


  • Poor quality headlight.

4. The SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power Reviews

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power Reviews

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The bike is an ideal dirt bike choice for a beginner since it has a fully automatic transmission system.

It boasts of a unique 50cc 2-stroke engine instead of a noisy motor.

It also has a reliable speed limiter, which can limit the speed from 30 MPH to 15 MPH.

Its design is unique compared to any bike available in the market today.

Your child will be noticed by friends wherever he rides it around the park or along the road.

The SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike is easy to assemble, and you don’t necessarily need a mechanic to do it.

It features full suspension, front, and rear cable mechanical disc brakes, centrifugal clutch, alloy wheels, throttle limiter, and aggressive knobby tires. The mechanical brakes are necessary for emergency braking.

Another great feature of this bike is the pull starter, which is ideal for kids.

It wouldn’t be reasonable to kick start this small bike!

You will also realize that it has a throttle limiter screw, which you can adjust as per your kid’s riding ability.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • A reliable speed limiter.
  • A pull starter.
  • Low price.


  • Easily breaks down.

5. The Kids QUAD ATV Best Four Wheeler Ride Review

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With two speed options: 2MPH and 4MPH, this kids’ ATV is suitable for kids who are two years old or more.

The rear wheels have great power and traction and are easy to control.

It comes with batteries and a powerful charger so that you get your kid on it immediately after the initial charge.

A single charge lasts long enough for a great riding session that leaves the user happy.

This kids’ quad is made with high-quality materials suitable for use by children under adult supervision.

It is ideal even for big kids. Some adults will find it fun to ride it.

The quad has easy access to speed and power controls.

You can slow it down for young kids and put on high for older ones who can handle it.

It comfortably moves through the lawn, bumps, and minor hills, which other quads may not do.


  • Two speeds to choose between.
  • Charges fast with the included charger.
  • 66lbs weight capacity.


  • Faulty wiring.

6. MOTOR HQ 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers Review

MOTOR HQ 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers Review

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With a powerful 125cc four-stroke engine, this best four-wheeler for kids will exceed your expectations. 

It’s primarily designed for the kids. Its make is incredible and unique.

It has a fully automated system with 1-neutral, 1-forward, and 1-reverse.

It has a user-friendly interface making it one of the best

The user-friendly interface makes it one of the best four-wheelers for kids of all ages.

It has strong spiral shock absorbers for the comfort of your children while riding.

It can move at a maximum speed of about 30 MPH but has a speed limiter, which can reduce this to 5MPH for your kid’s safety.

The MOTOR HQ 125cc ATV is strong enough to hold an adult and move.

It is also easy to assemble, and the price is relatively low compared to its quality.

The tires of this amazing four-wheeler from Motor HQ are 7 inches wide to ensure greater stability as your kid rides.

It comes along with attractive bonuses like lift gate services, a free toolkit, and parts warranty.


  • A speed governor.
  • High stability.
  • Powerful engine.


  • Front hubs break easily.

7. TAO TAO TFORCE Mid Size Fully Automatic ATV Four Wheeler Review

TAO TAO TFORCE Mid Size Fully Automatic ATV Four Wheeler Review

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Children will find this four-wheeler easy to drive even at night with its working headlights and a fully automatic system with a reverse option.

It has a rear foot brake with a hydraulic disk. The footbrake is easy to operate.

Also, it features a safety – speed governor that can adjust down to 5MPH.

This helps you to adapt engine power as your kid’s riding skill develops.

The kill switch automatically cuts the engine with one press of the button.

This makes it easy to stop it. It also boasts of a broad and ridged footrest/guard, which offers a non-slipper surface while your kid is riding.

The footrest is uniquely designed to secure the feet and guard against it big tires.

The front bumper fitted at the front of this four-wheeler guards your kids ATV against unwanted damage.

The seating is padded, spacious, and cushioned for better riding experience.

It has an electric starter, unlike the traditional ATVs that come with a kick start, which makes it difficult, especially for kids to start the ATV.

You can start this ATV electrically by a press of a button.


  • Electric starter.
  • Speed governor.
  • A front bumper.


  • Easily breaks down.

8. Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers Review

Taotao BULL150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers Review

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Family fun was TaoTao’s target when they made the BULL150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers.

Dad can ride and give his kids a ride.

When you need to maneuver some rough terrain, you need an ideal ATV like this one to fulfill your dream.

It’s uniquely made with a strong engine and great power.

Its maximum load is 364 pounds, and therefore, this ATV is fit for both teens and adults.

It doesn’t have a remote control option but has a perfect speed limiter.

This is vital in case you want to keep your kids under control until they are ready to challenge the 150D’s limits and handle the full power of this 150cc engine.

The unique features on this ATV are the blinkers and bright headlights.

You will also enjoy having them in case you are cruising around on the street and want to alert someone while turning.

It is fitted with an automatic transmission enabling it to reduce your engagement when riding.

Also, the reverse gear is essential for the overall riding experience.

The Tao Tao is a good machine for experienced riders.

The four-wheeler is strong and high performing and sells at a lower price than rivals.


  • Good for all terrains.
  • Bright headlights.
  • Powerful engine.


  • Large for small kids

9. The 150cc GY6 Engine with a CVT Transmission Review

150cc GY6 Engine with a CVT Transmission Review

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This is another super machine with a four-stroke 150cc power engine.

The GY6 Engine with a CVT Transmission is powerful and highly reliable.

With a fully automatic CVT transmission system, this wheeler is friendly to riders.

The reverse gear adds on to the rider’s experience.

The bike is easy to assemble if you have some necessary mechanical skills.

It has large tires for maximum stability when riding.

This four-wheeler is convenient even for both kids and adults since it has a powerful engine and hence can sustain heavyweight.

It perfectly maneuvers hilly terrains and also runs flawlessly blasting down the trail.

The CVT transmission system offers outstanding fuel efficiency and delivers a smooth ride since it doesn’t constantly switch gears.


  • CVT transmission system.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • All-terrain four-wheeler.


  • Electrical system defects.

10. The V-Fire Monster 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Four Wheeler Review

V-Fire Monster 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Four Wheeler Review

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If you are looking out for a perfect gift for your adventurous child, check out the V-Fire Monster 40CC 4-stroke four wheeler quad for kids, it’s easy to control and perfectly made for kids who love outdoor thrills and excitements.

This four-wheeler is excellent for the backyard and drive away from the fun and is designed for kids under four feet tall.

The gas-powered engine has the power to run this mini quad between 21MPH to 24MPH.

The Monster has a throttle regulator and a kill switch to stop the four-wheeler in case of an emergency.

All this is to ensure your kid’s safety.

It is durable as it is made of strong steel tubes.

This makes it support kids who weigh up to 140 lbs.

With both front & rear disc brakes, you can easily stop it even when speeding.

It is available in red, blue, white, and pink colors.

Get your child the Monster kids gas ATV today!


  • Throttle regulator.
  • Clip-on kill switch.
  • Made of tough steel.


  • Decoration headlights don’t light up.

Buying Guide for Kids best four-wheeler

The task of purchasing an ATV for your kids can seem to be a complex process, but it is one that can be done effectively.

This article discusses a few factors to consider and discuss with the dealer so that you buy the best four-wheeler for kids.

Age of Riders

When considering which size of ATV to buy for various family members, think about the ease of vehicle manageability.

This means that each vehicle should be the right size for each member of the family.

Smaller vehicles will be ideal for younger members, and larger vehicles will be more suited to fully grown members.

Matching size to the vehicle will go along way toward helping riders feel comfortable, and confident in handling the machine.

It is essential to match the vehicle size to the size of the individual who will be operating it.

An ATV should fit the size of the rider, and help them to feel confident that they can handle the machine under many different conditions.

Power of Vehicle

A quad can come in many engine sizes, so when considering the purchase of a vehicle for a family member, their ability to handle the power needs to be addressed.

Giving a younger member of the family a four-wheeler with more power than they can manage a mistake and can be very dangerous.

If the operator is under the age of 14 then it is recommended to keep engine power under 70cc.

But if they are adults, then whatever engine size they are comfortable handling, and one that can carry the designated load will be fine.

The power that an ATV engine has is an important factor to consider in comparison to rider age, weight, and experience.

Initial Buying Cost

If you are outfitting the whole family with an ATV of their own, then cost is probably going to be a consideration.

Keep in mind they will need to be suited up with riding and protective gear also.

For younger members with a four-wheeler under 100cc, you can expect to pay around $400, but for other family members, you can expect the cost of a vehicle to start around $900.

Depending on features and engine size, an adult-sized ATV can set you back as much as $5000.

Purchasing an ATV for each family member should be a project that is given careful thought and consideration.

Type of Riding

Keep in mind the riding you plan on doing before you purchase an ATV for a family member.

Not all vehicles are ideal for all terrains, and so you should consider matching the vehicle to the terrain you plan on riding.

The riding you plan to do will factor into cost considerations as well because the better built the ATV, which is needed for more rugged terrain, the more expensive the vehicle will be.

If a quad is used outside of its designed environment, it won’t last as long or stand up to the abuse.

Matching the type of riding, or terrain, to the specific capacity of an ATV is important for safe continued operation, lifespan, and optimum performance.

Frequently asked questions

1) How to start a manual four-wheeler?

To start, you need to disengage the ATV to neutral and pull the clutch lever. You also need to shift down by pressing the foot lever downwards such that the first gear is activated.

By using the right thumb, you then need to push the throttle lever while also releasing the clutch slowly. By doing this, the clutch starts to engage, and the ATV would start to move.

2) What to wear when riding an ATV?

You should make sure that you wear all the safety equipment such as boots, gloves, helmet, and goggles while you are riding a four-wheeler. This equipment help to safeguard you.

3) Where should I ride my four-wheeler?

For kids, it is always advisable to ride the ATV within the compound or private roads. Riding on busy public roads may be fun but equally dangerous. Your kid may end up causing accidents and worst losing their life.

4) How do I increase the durability of my kids’ wheelers?

Now that you purchased a high-quality quad, you need to do regular maintenance to increase its service time.

You always need to ensure the tire pressure, and all the nuts and bolts are in good condition. Always involve a mechanic if you have no mechanical skills!

You should also encourage your kids to ride on favorable terrains to avoid accidents, which may lead to a breakdown of the ATV.

They also need to avoid over speeding while riding.

5) At what age should I buy my kid a four-wheeler?

You can purchase an ATV for any size of a kid. If you feel that it is the gift you wish to offer your son on his first birthday, all you need is to buy a four-wheeler with a remote control option.

Remote control ensures that your toddler is safe because you are in control of the machine.

These kids’ ATVs come in different sizes and hence fit for different ages and sizes.


Above is a list of the best four wheeler for kids and bikes that you can buy for your kid.

Our best pick is the Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle.

It’s backed with a lot of features, and an attractive price.

You may also opt for any of the products listed above, depending on your kid age or other factors you consider necessary.

Also, go through the buying guide such that your kids can have a fantastic experience of riding a four-wheeler.

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