best electrician tool belts

Top 5 Best Electrician Tool Belts Reviews 2024 [Buying Guide]

Guys, Today I am going to tell you some of the best electrician tool belts.

If you are looking for the best tool belts for electricians, hope this article will help you a lot.

best electrician tool belts

Any electrical workers need to depend on their tools. Without good tools, they don’t perform their job well.

That’s why tool belts are very essential for every electrician.

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5 Best Electrician Tool Belts Reviews

Let’s Start!

1. TradeGear Suspenders 207019 Heavy Reviews (Best Electrician Tool Belts)

TradeGear Suspenders 207019 Heavy Reviews

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The brand is obscure to a normal individual. Be that as it may, this association has become well known in the development business.

They have just shown their business keenness by bringing one of their best device belts to the market.

Regardless of having momentous quality their items are just integral to the development procedure and are not a need.

It likewise noticed that their device belt is comprised of a sturdy texture rather than a cowhide.

In spite of the fact that cowhide is viewed as better, the material in this belt is likewise flawless.

It has every one of the fancy odds and ends one may expect in an apparatus belt.

The belt itself is comprised of nylon material which is viewed as tough and more qualified to harsh circumstances.

The professionals of the trade gear circuit repairman’s instrument belt are that it has abundant space and compartments for one’s apparatus.

It likewise gets made of nylon which is sturdy.

The brand likewise offers different size alternatives for the belt making it increasingly adaptable.

The issue with this belt is its firm nature of the material utilized bringing about an awkward encounter for the client.

The client experience, in this manner, would not be entirely agreeable which can represent its downside.

This one is the top instrument belt for a circuit tester.


  • Made of hardcore 1250 Dura Tek nylon, exceptionally tough
  • Adaptable foam cushioning with air-channel ventilation for ideal comfort
  • 2 hardcore pockets and 27 fluctuating size pockets
  • Convey handles for simple taking care of
  • 30 days unconditional promise
  • Open conveying limit


  • Velcro on the belt destroys rapidly

2. OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig Review (Best Tool Belts for Electricians)

Best Tool Belts for Electricians

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The brand of OX might be somewhat behind the brand estimation of The Occidental, yet their items are viewed as similarly great.

The blend of solidness and ease of use is one thing that this brand has culminated in.

The OX Brand has not expressly focused on the apparatus belt group of spectators.

Rather, they have made an item that can get utilized by all, specialist or any normal individual the same.

Their items get considered as sturdy, as they have gotten produced using a top-grain cowhide.

The constraining component of this item is the absence of decisions with regards to estimate.

Just a single specific size is accessible despite the fact that it gets guaranteed that it can fit every one of the boundaries that are from 29-46 inches.

The apparatus additionally has twenty-two compartments making it constrained in such a manner.

The calfskin utilized in this apparatus is top evaluation and pre-oiled making to make it increasingly agreeable as it so happens.

This makes it simpler to modify its shape.

However, it has restricted stockpiling. The absence of size alternatives is additionally another factor conflicting with it.

Utilization of cowhide in this item additionally makes it costlier and therefore far from standard ordinary people.


  • Made of top-grade oil-tanned saddle calfskin
  • 3″ wide cowhide apparatus belt
  • 22 device holders and pocket format
  • Rock-solid bolt support
  • Belt-burrow twofold fortification, tear safe
  • Sled circle molded to anticipate hammer drop out
  • Agreeable to utilize


  • Costly
  • No suspenders for conveying
  • Overwhelming

3. Gatorback B240 Electrician’s Combo Review (Best Electrical Tool Belts)

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On paper, the GatorBack B240 has a ton of making it work.

It has the equivalent protected back help innovation found in the TradeGear belt and when we originally got our hands on it we were inquiring as to whether there was a lot of contrast by any stretch of the imagination.

After some utilization, however, the distinctions truly turned out to be very evident.

Leading let’s get straight to the point the belt is entirely agreeable, GatorBack has planned an inconceivable back emotionally supportive network and it truly is nothing unexpected other belt makers pay to utilize this in their very own items.

This belt is incredible to wear for significant stretches of time, the air ventilation framework is extraordinary and you truly feel the advantage.

What at last lets this item down is just about everything else with it.

The item basically doesn’t face the rigors of everyday work. The bolts feel modest and wobbly.

We had one fallen off on the second day of utilization, the sewing isn’t up to the standard required and it feels like the item is going to self-destruct at any minute.

Over that the velcro is meager and wears rapidly to the point that we feel it would require supplanting inside weeks.

The GatorBack B240 has 18 pockets when they are not self-destructing, which while not the most exceedingly awful of the five belts we tried, isn’t incredible either.

The unparalleled redeeming qualities of this item are the one year producer’s guarantee gave by GatorBack, and we feel on the off chance that you buy this item you will most likely wind up utilizing it in the near future.

In the event that you are, an aficionado of the ameliorated managed offered by the GatorBack back emotionally supportive network and furthermore need an extraordinary instrument belt.

We feel you would be in an ideal situation with the TradeGear Electricians Combo.


  • Solace
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Feels modest
  • Not strong

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4. Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set Review (Electrician Tool Belt with Suspenders)

Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician's Set Review

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Occidental Leather is one of the main belt producers on the planet, and it’s not hard to perceive any reason why.

When we got the Occidental Leather 5590 in our grasp we were dazzled with the nature of the calfskin and how incredible it looks.

The cowhide is thick to diminish inconvenience, and you can tell it is of the most excellent, an item which will keep going quite a while, and with the time span, this item will serve you it’s incredible to see that it has a flexible belt so it remains an ideal fit, regardless of whether you increase a couple of pounds.

As far as usefulness, the belt accompanies an excess of compartments, 37 in absolute ensuring you have committed space for all that you will require.

While this is helpful, we had issues fitting in our greater devices, this became to a lesser extent an issue with delayed use as the cowhide bit by bit slackened up.

The two biggest pockets are nylon which decreases the weight extensively, however, some will be put off that the belt isn’t solely calfskin.

It additionally comes up short on a measuring tape cut which appears to be an oversight on a generally by and large phenomenal item.

Note when acquiring this item, as it is calfskin, care must be taken when the item shows up.

It will feel tight and the pockets probably won’t have as a lot of room in them when placing in your devices.

Utilize a calfskin conditioner, and oil the cowhide.

Following a couple of days, it will relax making it increasingly agreeable to utilize.

The Occidental Leather 5590 is an incredible circuit repairman instrument belt, and with the high grain, calfskin utilized you realize this item is going to last.

In any case, the trouble we had getting it to store our greater apparatuses implies it can’t take the top spot.


  • The most strong
  • Looks and feels extraordinary
  • 37 compartments


  • Pockets excessively little
  • Not prepared to utilize the very first moment

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt (Best Electrician Tool Belt with Suspenders)

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt

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This belt truly amazed us. CLC has an approach of keeping the value low and the component list high and this belt truly ticked all the privilege boxes.

How about we start with the great. This is a 4-piece circuit tester’s combo rig instrument belt with 28 separate pockets, the belt is a cushioned, single roller clasp belt.

It’s like the TradeGear in that this uses engineered material.

On account of the CLC they have decided to utilize polyester, and keeping in mind that exceptionally light it won’t be as solid as the nylon.

Anyway, it is an entirely agreeable fit, and that is because of two key personal satisfaction includes that this belt has that couple of others available, particularly at this cost, do.

In the first place, this belt accompanies its own 4 point suspender framework.

So never again will you have to go out and purchase a different pair of suspenders, and expectation they can take the heaviness of a completely stacked device belt.

Second, the belt can fit anybody from the abdomen size 29 to 46! This might be utilized for numerous individuals expanding its handiness.

Other little subtleties that truly made us grin were the zipper on the biggest pocket.

Never again will your apparatuses go flying over the boot when you toss it in the back of the van.

The cordless drill pocket additionally gave us that CLC implied business.

There is no apparatus available you can’t have near hand with the tremendous pockets that accompany this belt.

The main disadvantage of this belt is the utilization of polyester.

This belt won’t keep going as long as the Tradegear or Occidental Leather, in any case, it is far less expensive than both of these, making it completely incredible worth.


  • Incredible Value
  • Incorporates suspenders
  • Simple moving


  • Polyester material

Buying Guide for Best Electrician Tool Belts

Before buying electrical tool belts you need to consider a few things.

Think about Comfort Level and Fitness

Solace and wellness have been recorded at the highest point of our purchasing necessities.

As a matter of fact, it is so preeminent when you wear something that fits you splendidly and gives you immaculate and agreeable feels.

Only for instance if your back or hips is being jabbed by screwdriver and forceps while you’re working is anything but a charming issue.

Thus, you may need to relax the belt to make your body feel great. At whatever point you’re purchasing a belt ensure it has a cushioned belt.

Cushion avoids your lower some portion of the back and bone structure the damage of devices.

Check Belt Size and Flexibility

A belt is the most significant segment for offering you strength in work.

A few sorts of belts won’t long keep going for a long.

They simply get scratches in the wake of utilizing for certain days.

In the event that your belt’s creases and bolts get teamed up with a little utilize then that is an inappropriate one for you.

It is additionally critical to pick a belt flawlessly fits on your midriff since you don’t need a wreck while working.

In reality, a free balancing belt around your midriff is irritating when you work.

Then again, skintight belts could be truly awkward when you need to move ceaselessly on a building site.

Keep away from Large Buckles

Clasps are one of the most significant materials to focus on before you purchase the best circuit repairman instrument belt.

Clasps joint the pack with the belts and a fair-minded piece of belts.

Circuit testers need to move, twist down, and rests for their work.

Enormous clasps can dive or jab into the stomach when they have to twist down.

In this way, you should favor littler clasps as they offer the most agreeable impression.


A large portion of the circuit repairmen incline toward nylon and calfskin in the wake of checking the best electrical expert device belt audits.

The vast majority of the mammoth belts organizations make the essential material calfskin for their belts.

There are a couple of motivations to pick calfskin over nylon. Calfskin ingests the perspiration as no different materials can.

In this way, nobody needs to convey sweat-soaked smell after a full day of laboring.

Contrary wise, nylon accompanies cushioned belts making you feel lightweight.

In this way, you would not feel a heavyweight on your back or hips.

Else, nylon is lighter than cowhide yet some state calfskin has a preferable life span over nylon. The choice is yours to select the best belt for you.

You can attempt the two materials and return the awful one if there is any guarantee accessible.

You additionally can go to a shop close by and give a rude awakening before you purchase any belt for you.

In the event that you’re purchasing from an online shop like Amazon, at that point, you have to give a more critical take a gander at the belt’s highlights and surveys.


It is so critical to check if the item you’re purchasing has a place with a rumored organization.

We have seen a few purchasers have a higher suggestion to purchase from a famous organization or site.

Here and there, purchasing American made is additionally significant for certain purchasers.

In reality, there is a reality that individuals love an organization producer who is trusted, solid, and has great audits from clients.

In this way, a great maker joins the best items, consumer loyalty, cash back guarantee, and client unwavering quality.

Additional Pockets with Durability

Conveying an overwhelming tool stash is definitely not an agreeable or brilliant approach to your work as a circuit tester.

You need to look for an apparatus belt which has more quantities of adaptable pockets.

More pockets mean you can convey more apparatuses alongside you in your work environment.

The correct apparatus belt will have enough space to convey all the electric component instruments serenely with no-spill.

It is truly irritating if the instruments you’re conveying holds tumbling down in the center of work and you’ve to gather them by bowing down.

In this way, you should pick device belts that have numerous pockets that are spill-evidence.

Cost and Warranty

Along these lines, giving a little examination among cost and highlights can spare you from spending more on featureless items.

Else, there are two or three items that joins the cash back guarantee.

You simply need to do a precarious checking before you purchase anything if the specific item has the guarantee or not.

We are certain you must realize which would be the best circuit repairman apparatus belt for you far at this point.

In reality, there’s no way to forfeit for your solace level.

You simply need to choose the one which will give you a large portion of your work adaptability with the best solace level at the most minimal cost.


At the point when it’s the matter of your activity belt, you without a doubt need one which can hold the entirety of your instruments that are required for the activity.

By and large, an apparatus belt has numerous compartments to hold your instruments clean and flawless.

Regularly, you get a great deal of room in the circuit repairman apparatus belt, however, just a couple of belts let you alter them.

Customization is extremely significant on the grounds that every one of the circuit testers doesn’t utilize similar apparatuses and various devices need various types of room to be fit in the compartment of the belt.

In this way, consistently attempt to pick the belt that gives you a chance to modify it as indicated by your necessity.

At the point when you get the belt with customization choice, you’ll have the option to alter the compartment of the belt uninhibitedly and successfully.

Furthermore, a few belts have to utilize issues with “left-gave” or “right-gave” individuals. In the event that the belt is adjustable, at that point this won’t be an issue for you.

That is the reason we propose a circuit repairman belt which is adaptable.


Before investing in the best electrician tool belts read the above reviews. I hope this buying guide with product reviews will help all the electricians to buy the best electrical tool belts.

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