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Best Airbrush Kit Reviews For Beginners (Latest Update)

Are you looking for a new airbrush?

Or are you a beginner and don’t know which airbrush to buy as there is a lot of variety available in the market?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to buy the best airbrush, keep on reading this guide in which we have compiled the top 10 airbrushes that can provide desired results.

Best Airbrush
Best Airbrush

Airbrushes can be rated based on five main factors that include performance, features, price, rating, and build quality.

If the device is perfect in all these factors, you would be satisfied while buying it.

Well, today you will finally get to know which is the best airbrush that can be bought with a tight budget.

The purpose is to get you a medium price ranged airbrush with top performance and build quality.

Further, we have also covered the buying guide at the end of this article.

Lets Start !!

Top 10 Best Airbrush Review

Following are the list of 10 best airbrushes with their pros and cons:

1. The Iwata Eclipse Hp-Cs Value Set with Hose Cleaner and Paint

Iwata Eclipse Hp-Cs Value review

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Iwata is a brand that is well known for creating quality airbrushes The Eclipse Hp-Cs by Iwata is the best airbrush that you can use for small as well as large projects.

Talking about the design, Eclipse has a fabulous design that produces thick spray along with heavy paint.

Hence, if you require a thick sprayer, Eclipse will be the best choice.

It can also spray fine lines by utilizing thick paint.

Its optimal working pressure is between 25-25 psi.

When we talk about the spray scale, the Eclipse comes with a spray scale of 0.2mm to 1.5inches.

It also has a dual-action trigger.

The build quality is great as it is made of stainless steel along with finishing with chrome that makes it convenient to clean it.

It can produce fine lines to wide spray patterns using its 0.35mm needle.

The paint holder cup has a removable and can hold up to 0.30oz for paint at a time.

Video review here:


  • Great build quality, made with stainless steel.
  • The spray head prevents stripping
  • Clog removal is easy due to the single-cutaway handle
  • High paint flow design, best for artists requiring thick paint flow


  • Stiff trigger pull
  • No nozzle wrench included

2. The Paasche H-Set Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set

Paasche H-Set Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set

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The Paasche H-set is a complete set of airbrush accessories mainly for the beginner as most of the tools are included that can be used on small as well as large projects.

The set includes one of the best airbrushes along with the three different head sizes and the case is quite durable Single action feature makes it easy to use but the results you get are always professional.

It comes with a siphon feed to get it easily cleared. Some dual-action models are great but are a bit technical to use.

While this airbrush has a simple and straightforward single action feature to use it easily.

It’s the most suitable airbrush for beginners.

Well, it isn’t made for detailed work but if you have to spray your furniture, dents on cars, or model kits, it’s a great tool to get the job done smoothly.

The set does not include an air compressor.

You have to buy it separately.

Learn From the video:


  • Great kit for beginners
  • Really easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Too easy to carry and clean
  • Durable


  • The product isn’t suitable for detailed work
  • Precision and accuracy aren’t offered in this product.

3. The Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup

Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action

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The Iwata CR is the best airbrush when it comes to gravity feed.

This is another airbrush that is great for the beginners and tight budget artists. It can be availed at quite an affordable price.

The Iwata CR is similar to Eclipse CS, which is the best airbrush so far.

There are three main differences between these two airbrushes:

  • The Eclipse CS can be easily cleaned because it comes with a self-centering nozzle
  • A bigger nozzle is used in the Revolution CR which can prove quite useful for beginners
  • The Revolution CR is cheaper than the Eclipse CS

The Revolution CR has a spray range of about 025mm to 1.5inches.

The cup size of this brush is about 9ml.

The standard tip size is 0.5mm. Pressure tolerance is less than 100 psi.

It also has a dual-action trigger like the Eclipse CR but this one is cheaper as said before.

Video here:


  • Comes with a dual-action trigger
  • Has an external micro air control valve
  • Has an ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • The big nozzle covers a lot of areas while spraying


  • It does not have any sort of pressure adjustment feature
  • The nozzle is weak

4. The Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2in1 Airbrush 2 cups with lids

CR Plus 2in1 Airbrush 2 cups with lids

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This CR airbrush comes with a distance cap, tripe coating along with chrome finishing.

The airbrush has PTFE seals and can be assembled or fixed quickly.

The nozzle size of the sprayer is 0.15mm.

In the set, an additional 5ml paint holder cup is included.

The set also includes a 0.4mm needle-nozzle air cap.

Its paint source is gravity feed.

Both the included nozzles are self-centering nozzles which makes it easy to clean it.

The CR is a double-action airbrush with precision.

It has an adjustable trigger mechanism.

If you want to paint in detail, then this is the best airbrush to get the job done beautifully and conveniently.

The trigger resistance is great when it comes to maintaining various air flows and paint flows.

When compared to Iwata brushes, this airbrush is better in doing detailed work according to user rankings and reviews.

The 0.4mm needle can become handy for base coats or numerous other larger projects.

See the video:


  • Great precision
  •   Suitable for detailed work
  • Attractive balance
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Removable paint cup (2 paint cups in the set)
  • Polished trigger


  • It’s a bit expensive. Otherwise, it’s great in its features.

5. The Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

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TG-3F is another great airbrush which comes with a needle stop for stopping consistent paint release.

There are three heads of size included – 0.25mm, 0.38mm, and 0.66mm).

The airbrush comes with PTFE packing for spraying any sort of fluid.

It is capable of achieving patterns from a hairline to up to 3 inches. It’s suitable for painting models.

It comes with a lot of needles and nozzle caps which is a plus point.

It also has a fan air cap which probably won’t prove useful but still, it is included.

The air hose is extremely nice. The airbrush uses gravity feed. It is made of good quality material.

However, you might want to buy an air compressor that has a pressure of 20 to 40 psi.

The airbrush will work efficiently with it.

The Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush is a great choice for experienced painters as well as beginners.

It can be used for years without replacing its parts.

Talking about the price, it is a bit expensive than its competitors.

Useful video for you:


  • Stainless steel needles with air cap
  • Ergonomic trigger
  • Air control along with flow control
  • Chrome plating
  • Aluminum storage box


  • A bit expensive than its competitors
  • Imperfections in the chrome plating

6. The Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed

TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed

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The Paasche TG-3W Talon comes with a deluxe and durable wooden case.

It is a professional airbrush that can achieve a spray line of 3 inches.

Three head sizes are included in the set of the following lengths – 0.01 inches, 0.015 inches, and 0.026 inches.

It is a double-action airbrush that is great in detail which can be used for graphic arts, illustrations, automobiles, etc.

The TG-3W can hold up to 1/3 oz of paint in its paint holder cup.

It also has a needle stop for stopping consistent paint release.

There are some manuals included in the beautiful wooden box as well to get it assembled and used the correct way.

The airbrush is chrome plated and has an aluminum handle. It also has a fan air cap.

In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, it comes with 2 wrenches and 6 ft. braided hose.

It also comes with PTFE packing like the above airbrushes.


  • Spray line of 3 inches is great
  • Three head sizes are included with the purchase
  • A useful item – needle stop is included as well
  • Booklets and manuals for better understanding


  • Requires wrenches for disassembly
  • Paint holder isn’t that huge

7. The Badger Air-Brush Co. 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Co. 105 Patriot

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The Badger airbrush is a double action gravity feed airbrush that promises high precision.

It features an internal mix and the set includes an extra tip and booklet for instructions.

This is a great airbrush that can be used for small or large projects.

It comes with only one needle which is .50mm in size.

It can conveniently hold and spray all common mediums such as inks, dyes, acrylics, watercolors, etc.

Its convenient self-centering nozzle design makes it easy to maintain and clean.

The needle has an easy access removal system.

It comes with one year of manufacturing defects warranty while the PTFE needle has a lifetime warranty.

It has a 1/3 ounce paint holder cup. It’s good and a must use when it comes to precision.

It sure does contains a single nozzle but it is suitable for spraying your desired material.

It’s great when it comes to detail in work. The airbrush has a great balance and guarantees user comfort.

watch this video:


  • It is easy to maintain and clean
  • Comes with an innovative precision design
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Spill-proof cap included
  • Removable needle


  • Paint free flow

8. The Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F Large Gravity Feed Airbrush

Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F

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Another great airbrush that comes in a kit that includes an extra needle that can have a hairline to a 19mm spray pattern.

The Sotar airbrush has a 1/12 oz paint holder cup which allows you to spray for a good duration without refilling it.

The airbrush can be used to spray some common mediums including watercolors, dyes, inks and more.

The Sotar 2020-2F is a gravity feed airbrush that comes with a dual-action trigger for a better painting experience.

It also has an internal mix feature. The micrometer settings allow you to set your desired spray patterns.

It also comes with a one-year manufacturing defects warranty along with a lifetime warranty on the PTDE needle.

The Badger airbrush is comfortable and easy to use and even beginners can handle this device with convenience.

You can change the needle to switch between medium and thick painting patterns.

The needles can be easily bought from an online store.


  • Gravity feed airbrush
  • Micrometer settings are useful
  • One year warranty
  • Internal mixing feature
  • It has an attractive multi-patented design
  • Rear needle release


  • There is not any cleaning brush included in the package

9. The Badger Air-Brush Company RK-1 Krome Airbrush 2-in-1 Ultra Fine

RK-1 Krome Airbrush 2-in-1

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This is another product by Badger that is a dual-action airbrush with gravity feed.

The RK-1 Krome comes with an internal mix feature.

It is chrome plated with some great features like a thumb rest for increasing the comfort of the sprayer

The package includes two nozzles. The first one is .21mm.

The second one is .33mm. The RK-1 Krome has a 6-degree linear airflow angle.

The spray pattern of this airbrush is between hairlines to 1 inch.

The airbrush is relatively more comfortable than its competitors in this price range.

It has a paint holder cup of 3/8 ounce along with an extra-fine tip.

The RK-q package includes an extra-fine needle along with a fine spray regulator.

The case in which the RK-1 is sturdy and beautifully designed.

The airbrush is great when it comes to precision.

It also comes with a micrometer trigger settings.


  • Feels good in the hand, made for a comfortable experience
  • Soft trigger
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Very easy to clean
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Parts are cheap. Can be easily replaced without paying much money
  • Both included needles provide flexibility


  • A bit expensive
  • Needles can be easily bent
  • Ultraline tip is expected to choke on metallic paints

10. The Iwata Custom Micron B Original Airbrush

Micron B Original Airbrush

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Last but not least, the Iwata Custom Micron series are quite good when it comes to a small nozzle and needles combination.

Here, in this airbrush, the needle in about .18mm for best precision.

The small needle also helps in accurately controlling the detail spraying.

The Custom Micron B comes with a round-shaped trigger that can be comfortably used during the spraying session.

The needle is made up of stainless steel and is highly polished.

It provides a smooth spraying experience by spraying from detail to mid-range spraying.

The product is good for detailed spraying.

The spray pattern of the Iwata Custom Micron B Original Airbrush is a micro line to 20mms.

The sprayer is suitable for professionals as well as beginners.

But to make the most out of it, it should better be in an expert’s hands.

Video review for you:


  • Great for precision
  • Really easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Triple plated with copper
  • Durable
  • Sprays ultrafine hairlines
  • Removable crown cap and the fluid cap
  • Comfortable


  • None have been noticed so far in this price

Buying guide For Best Airbrush Kit

There are numerous types of airbrushes available in the market which comes with different features.

Not all of them have the same capabilities.

For example, an airbrush used by an illustrator might not be able to handle paint because it is made to handle ink.

Before buying an airbrush, you need to determine the purpose you are buying it for.

You need to buy the proper airbrush with all the necessary equipment that suits and fulfills your needs.

Check your affordability:

The next thing that you might need to consider is the price of the airbrush. If you are a modeler, you don’t have to worry as the most affordable airbrushes are a modeler.

You can easily get a great airbrush for about or even less than $200.

It is guaranteed to get what you pay for if you choose from the most popular brands.

Check the Brand quality before purchasing:

The top-notch brands that provide quality airbrushes that last for a long time and provide excellent quality are Iwata, Badger, and Paasche.

Whenever you are about to spend some bucks on your new airbrush, checking out the airbrushes produced by these brands before moving on to something else.

They produce the best airbrushes without any doubt in it.

There are some other brands as well such as Harder & Steenbeck and Grex that are also becoming popular in the airbrush business recently.

You might want to consider them as well after checking out from Iwata, Badger, and Paasche.

What you should consider before Purchasing an Airbrush?

Another thing that you need to know is that you can purchase an airbrush in two formats.

Either it will be included in a kit that has a compressor as well but the kit will be expensive or you can buy a standalone airbrush without a compressor or any other equipment that you might need.

If you plan to buy an airbrush without a kit, you have to buy a compressor from another source to start using your airbrush.

It is better to buy the whole kit because it is a relatively cheaper option than buying the compressor and the airbrush separately.

What Type of Brushes do you need?

There are also some types of airbrushes that you want to study before buying one.

They are distinguished by factors like how the airbrush is controlled, how the paint goes and comes out of the nozzle, and how the paint is mixed.

There are several airbrushes available on the markets that are single action while there are others that are dual-action.

Both hold their importance in different aspects.

You might want to do a little bit of research on both of them and then choose which one suits your needs.


Q: Can we soak the Airbrush?

A: Yes you can soak The Individual Parts but avoid socking the whole brush.

Q: Can I spray different type of paints using the same brush?

A: Yes you can, you can wash the individual parts of the brush and can use any spray after that.

Q: What should be pressure while spraying?

A: The pressure should be the minimal and light as point out the closest portion when you are spraying it.

Q: When you need a new Nodle?

A: After you have completely used the previous one and killed it completely.


It is important to determine your needs and buy an airbrush that suits your needs accurately so that you don’t have to buy another one later.

Just evaluate what kind of projects you will be working on and does the work requires detail or not?

And the similar types of questions before purchasing an airbrush for you.

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